KVCOG schedules household hazardous waste pickup dates

The Kennebec Valley Council of Governments, based in Fairfield, plans to host Household Hazardous Waste Collection Days in October in Kennebec and Somerset counties.

Skowhegan, Anson, Bingham, Canaan and Madison will collect from 9 a.m. to noon, Saturday, Oct. 7, at the Skowhegan Transfer Station, 29 Transfer Station Drive. This is open to residents of those towns, who must call their own town office to schedule a time slot (Skowhegan, 207-474-6902; Anson, 207-696-3979; Bingham, 207-672-5519; Canaan, 207-474-8682; Madison, 207-696-3971).

Winslow, Belgrade, Clinton, Fairfield, Oakland and Waterville will collect from 8 a.m. to noon, Saturday, Oct. 21, at Winslow Public Works, 135 Halifax St. Residents must call their municipal office to schedule a slot (Winslow, 207-872-2776; Belgrade, 207-495-2258; Clinton, 207-426-8322; Fairfield, 207- 453-7911; Oakland, 207-465-7357; Waterville, 207-680-4200).

Those who don’t have an appointment slot made with their town will not be able to drop off that day.

Many chemicals commonly used around the home are hazardous, either alone or when combined with other chemicals, and need to be disposed of by professionals trained to handle hazardous materials, according to a KVCOG news release.

Improper disposal of these materials can disrupt the function of sewage treatment plants or private septic systems, contaminate ground water, and harm animals and residents. Items that are difficult to recycle or dispose of — such as electronic waste, batteries, paint, anti-freeze, chemical cleaners, yard chemicals, old fuels, oils and mercury thermostats — many of which can also become harmful if left unmonitored.

The council will have local law enforcement officials on hand in Winslow and Skowhegan to collect and properly dispose of any pharmaceuticals that residents want to bring in.

IF WALLS COULD TALK, Week of 12, 2017

Katie Ouilette Wallsby Katie Ouilette

WALLS, there is no doubt that the past week has been reminiscing time for me. Yup, I have experienced my 66 years bumping into my memories for days and days. Where am I going? Well, let’s start with Lew’s and my attending a memorial gathering to honor Attorney “Bill” Townsend at the place he called ‘home’…..the town of Canaan.

Frankly, Bill was “Bill” to me for many years, but until I heard the accolades delivered by those who spoke at his memorial, I had no idea how this man had touched my life through his courageous efforts (and winning!) in his many fields of interest. I think, WALLS, you should lead us from the minute we passed through the door at the famous Canaan House. We were directed to the second level for the memorial and, upon our arrival, there was nearly standing-room only! Yes, people attended from far away and close to home. Lew and I sat next to two men from Massachusetts, with whom Bill had been a young student and the elder brother had not returned to Maine for over 40 years.

Now, faithful readers, you are wondering where my reminiscing comes into the picture. Well, I served on Bill’s first conservation committee when we of the Denis family moved back to Maine and brought Z.D.Wire Manufacturing to Norridgewock and Skowhegan. What does that have to do with conservation?

Well, my mom, Roxie Valliere, worked for “Bill” Philbrick and Kennebec Log Driving and Bill Townsend had a goal to get the logs out of the Kennebec River.

Obviously, I would be a valuable member of the conservation committee. Well, I’m not sure I did much except that the committee asked me to testify before the state legislature and my words were intended for everyone, just as the song that we were asked to sing at the closing of Bill’s memorial: “This Land is Your Land…This Land is my Land”.

Attending the memorial was Chris Perkins. His dad, George, has been a partner with Bill Townsend and their office was where I worked when in Skowhegan High School. I worked for Dr. Harold Dumont, dentist, after school and on Saturdays. Now, Chris and I are partners for CATV 11….his being host of Now You Know and a panelist on Keeping Pace, both of which I produce/direct.

Yes, WALLS, so much has transpired over these years. Bill Townsend will forever be revered for the gifts that he has given Maine and the town of Canaan people. The Kennebec is free of floating logs and fishermen and women and children can enjoy their boats’ passage and fishing. Dams that once held fish back from breeding grounds and fishing have been torn away and, as folks drive or walk next to our precious waterways, we may be reminded that an attorney from Canaan made his life’s work to save this land for you and me.

Fun in the sun, with chocolate help

Mathis Washburn

Left photo, Mathis Washburn, of Canaan, makes his way down the Chocolate Slip ‘n Slide, at Yogi Bear’s Jellystone Park, at Yonderhill Campground, in Madison, on July 30.
Photo by Mark Huard, Central Maine Photography


Riley Landry, of Vassalboro, Tate Jewell, Adam Fitzgerald and Landon Nunn, all of Skowhegan

Right, from left to right, Riley Landry, of Vassalboro, Tate Jewell, Adam Fitzgerald and Landon Nunn, all of Skowhegan, get set to join in the slide.
Photo by Mark Huard, Central Maine Photography

Gold medal winner at tourney

Syrus Washburn

Syrus Washburn, 11, of Canaan, a member of Huard’s Jiu-jitsu team, captured a gold medal at the Black Fly Kids Brazilian Jiu-jitsu tournament in Rangeley on June 26.
Photo by Mark Huard, owner Central Maine Photography