by Joan Ferrone

I’ve got baggy eyes
and flat feet
Too much belly
and a saggy seat
My hair won’t curl
my nails are split
I can’t sit without
a pillow for my bum
The legs and feet
will go numb.

I forget names and where I’ve been
and where I’m going and what I’ve seen
For I have life!

I am old, I am tired
But it’s okay—
For I have life.



by April Cookson

Time speeds by like a racing wild horse,
escalating into the future by an unseen force.
Nights seem short, days even shorter…
no time to sit back, to linger, or loiter.
So, take this moment to grin a big smile
And know what you do is all worthwhile.

POETRY CORNER: Love Never Dies

Love Never Dies

by Marilou Suchar

The daffodils have nodded
And the tulips have gone by
The grass grows tall
But most of all
Our love will never die.

Forget-me-nots have fallen
And violets are gone, too
The seeds are sown
And the birds have flown
But our love will never die.

The colored leaves have faded
Many all turned brown
The frost has come
And the snow has won
But our love will never die.


I must go

by Marilou Suchar
May 16, 2015

The ocean is calling to my heart,
I must go
To walk the shore, and in me store
The smell, the feel, the love.

The ocean beckons me, some, now
And see,
See the waves, the shells, feel the warm sand
And maybe just be. Come hold my hand.

The ocean cries – the longing, the yearning
I must return
To the seagulls cry
To the glistening waves
To the wind in my face
To the sound

I must go. The ocean calls me.


They say

by April Cookson

On the other side of the fence, the grass
is always greener,
That’s just a myth thought up by a dreamer.
You can wish upon a star,
It won’t change who you are.
There may be treasure at the rainbow’s end,
But you will find no gold to spend.
If a silver lining is what you’re looking for,
My friend, you need look no more.
They say these words to help them cope,
One thing is for sure, there’s always hope.
So they say.



by the late Milt Huntington

Jet planes streaking through the sky
Leave their contrails there to die.
We who watch them from below
Can only wonder where they go.

We hear their disappearing sound
As it echoes dimly to the ground.
From west to east and east to west
They travel headlong to their nest.

Birds of silver, birds of white
Travel swiftly day and night.
Like an arrow through the blue
They fly away from me and you.

We can only watch and say:
“They’ll be back another day.”
When they land, we’ll be right here
To see the contrails reappear.

POETRY CORNER: God’s Wonders

God’s Wonders

by Marilou Suchar

Did you ever taste the ocean?
Is it really salty brine?

Did you ever see a rainbow,
And wish it were all mine?

Did you ever throw a stone,
And watch it make a ring?

Did you ever catch a firefly
And hold it in your hand?

Did you ever drag your feet
And hear the singing sand?

We walked along the shore,
He showed me all and more

The birds, the shells and tide
From me, did nothing hide.

In my heart these memories abide – forever.

POETRY CORNER: Impressions of the old farm

Impressions of the old farm

by Marilou Suchar
November 9, 2015

The farm was old –
I stood, and mused
So many families
Was well used.

The barn was gone
So long ago
Just rocks remained
Of the further wall.

Small outer building
On the hill
Useless now
But stands there still.

Stumps were showing
Where once trees stood
Some were sold
Some burnt for wood.

The rock walls stand
Where fields were made
Marsh water glistened
In the glade.

It was built in 1880
For a farmer’s home
And his sweet
Young lady.

Still it stood
The test of time
One more family
This one mine.


Be Still

by Marilou Suchar
January 4, 2015

God is not silent.
He whispers to us in the air
He touches us with the sun
He sings to us in the sea
He communicates among the clouds

God is not silent:
He reasons with us in our minds
He speaks to us in our hearts
He expresses through our bodies
He stirs us in our souls

God is not silent:
The open Bible is not his only channel
He visits us every day – all day
We need to be still and listen.
“Be still and know.”

God is not silent.

POETRY CORNER: She Can’t Remember (to Katherine)

She Can’t Remember
(to Katherine)

by Gary Haskell

She reaches out to me
with that same, sweet smile
Takes my hand and says, “It’s been a while.”
Though there’s a lot of pain.
I know she’s not to blame.
She can’t remember.

She’s been changing
for a couple of years.
We’ve watched her laughter
turn to tears.
As she stands in front of me,
It’s plain to see.
She can’t remember.

No, she can’t recall the nights,
we held each other tight,
as our bodies melded into one,
until we made another one.
She can’t remember.

We have to leave her here.
They’ve made it clear,
their care is best,
she needs the rest.
As we leave, we pray,
That someday,
She may, remember.