I’m Just Curious: Colors

by Debbie Walker

Do you remember when “everyone was having their colors done”? You know, were you summer, winter, spring, etc. It was rather a big deal for a while. It was probably when I was still going by the standard rule book for big woman of wearing black, brown and navy.

I don’t really remember when exactly I decided to burn that book, but believe me it’s not in my library anymore.

The latest “styles” and “colors” for the year aren’t of much interest to me either. Fortunately, for me I am an Amazon woman and the clothing manufacturers are still trying to figure us out, not that I’d pay attention anyway.

I can’t say that I actually remember when I decided to break the rules but at some point I did. I decided that with my size people could see me coming anyway, might as well give them some happy colors! Now usually my colors get to them before I do! Between the clothing colors and my matching big gaudy earrings and watches, and ohhh thank whoever came up with those wonderful crocs (I wear knock offs) in all the wild colors. They help complete me and are so comfortable on my big, bunion cursed feet!

It would be hard for some people to believe that for a lot of years I was very shy. I didn’t want to stand out in a crowd; I preferred blending into the walls whenever possible. Walking down a street I’d be looking at my feet, never looking to see anyone’s face. Luckily for me a friend, Patsy, came into my life who really started working on me. “Pick your head up! Stand up straight! Pick your head up!” Bet she wishes she had a dollar for every time she said that!

I’ve been going down a few rabbit trails here before getting to my big point!

Recently my “half the size of me” daughter-in-law made the comment that she wears a lot of black to hide her imperfections.” Imperfections, oh please, I should be so imperfect!

Now if my brother Blake was still alive I could call him to ask how to spell: apithany – epiphany, he was always having them but I believe it means something like an amazing wakening to something. When Laurie said she wears black to hide her imperfections I realized that I wear colors for the same reason. I wear the colors so people will look at the colors and not pay attention to my imperfections!

I know people have to wear the colors and styles they are comfortable in, that’s the important thing. My mom said a while ago, “I must be boring; my closet is full of tan and browns.” Well not anymore! She’s a red hat lady now and somehow besides the red and purple, a whole lot of colors have snuck into her closet. Mom looks absolutely beautiful in colors, like a flower that has blossomed.

If this article sneaks into that little corner of your mind where you mull things over I’d like to add that I think Color and Attitude are related.

You can reach me at dwdaffy@yahoo.com  Sub line Colors.

In the meantime I’ll just stay curious.

P.S. This is going to be one where mom says, “That girl has way too much time on her hands.”


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