SOLON & BEYOND: Solon town meeting one of shortest in memory

Marilyn Rogers-Bull & Percyby Marilyn Rogers-Bull & Percy
Solon, Maine 04979

Good morning, dear friends. Don’t worry, be happy!

The Annual Solon town meeting was held at the Solon Elementary School on March 3, with voting for candidates for officers in the morning. One hundred residents got out to vote and those returned to their positions were Leslie Giroux, Town Clerk/Tax Collector and Robert Lindblom, RSU #74 Director. Gary Bishop was elected Road Commissioner and Keith Gallagher as the new selectman, taking Mary Lou Ridley’s position, (she was retiring). Mike Foster has also retired as road commissioner, after doing a good job for six years.

Elaine Aloes, first selectman, presented Foster with a plaque for his six years of service to the town. Elaine also presented a plaque to Mary Lou for her many years in the position of selectman. The Solon Fire Department was presented with the Spirit of America Award by Mary Lou.

Was unable to find out how many attended the meeting in the afternoon which started at 1:30 p.m., with Peter Mills as the moderator.

The 27 articles on the town meeting warrant were voted on and approved in one hour, with very little discussion. It was the shortest town meeting I have ever attended.

Eleanor Pooler thanks all those who purchased food and attended the 4-H sponsored dinner on town meeting day. She said $208 was taken in on the food sale and will be given to the food cupboard. She was very pleased that more people attended the dinner this year, there were 32 in attendance.

There will be an open installation of Keystone Chapter #78 Order of the Eastern Star of Solon, Installation of Officers on Friday, March 16, at the Masonic Hall in Solon.

Beginning on Tuesday, March 6, and continuing all the way through May, Mary Lou Ridley will be hosting Knit Night from 5-8 p.m., at Happynits. Grab that UFO and come on in for a fun time. Oh, and of course, there’s no charge!

That is all the real news I could gather up this week, with this privacy thing no one wants their names and activities in print anymore. I have some of the old, old clippings from when I was writing years ago and there were many very long accounts of who visited who and where they had been. The times, they have changed! Had been writing about some of the things Lief and I have been doing, but didn’t want to bore you this week. But… I can’t help stating that I would love to hear from you with what has been going on in your lives!

And so, for Percy’s memoir I’m going to write some more of the Ten Commandments for good manners. Thou shalt not criticize: A person with good manners is above criticzing others or complaining about circumstances. Negativity in any form is to be avoided. If you hear gossip, don’t join in, be indifferent to it.

If you disagree with others, do so respectfully. Don’t verbally attack or condemn them. You may win the argument, but lose a valued friend.

Thou shalt be punctual: Appreciate the value of time, yours and others. If you make an appointment, arrive on time. If you must be late, call first.

Never arrive early for a social engagement: your host may still be getting dressed!

Don’t overstay your welcome. Lingering good-byes merely cause frustration and can ruin an otherwise good time. A quick, simple exit at the proper time is usually appreciated.

Thou shalt not embarrass others: Treat others as you would like to be treated, and think of how you can put them at ease. The feelings of other people can be as fragile as fine crystal. Never demean anyone with rude jokes or an unwelcome nickname. Be considerate. In conversation, never ask embarrassing questions such as how much was paid for a new item or about matters of the heart. It’s always good manners to think of others first. (there are still a few more that I may be able to get in another time).

And now for Percy’s memoir for this week called, “Your Own Version.”

You are writing a Gospel,
A chapter each day,
By deeds that you do,
By words that you say.
Men read what you write,
Whether faithless or true;
Say, what is the Gospel According to You?

(words by Paul Gilbert.)


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