MEA scores up from last year in area schools

DOE commissioner: “Results are very encouraging.”

 by Mary Grow

The Maine Department of Education (DOE) recently released results of Maine Education Assessment (MEA) tests for the 2016-17 school year. The state tests students in three areas, English language arts/literacy, math and science, with science tests beginning with fifth-graders.

According to DOE information, scores went up in all three areas in 2016-17 compared to the previous year, the first time the 2016/17 tests were used. The department’s press release said last year, 52.58 percent of students tested scored above state expectations in ELA/literacy; 38.54 percent exceeded expectations in math; and 61.07 percent exceeded expectations in science. The comparable figures for 2015-16 were 50.58 percent in ELA/literacy, 38.31 percent in math and 60.97 percent in science.

Below are selected figures from the state report that might interest The Town Line readers. The full report is available on line from the state education department.

Science tests were not given in two schools listed below, China Primary School and the George J. Mitchell School, in Waterville, which have only younger students. In two cases, an asterisk replaced numbers; the education department website appears to indicate that data was withheld to protect student privacy. All figures are percentages compared to state expectations.

  • China Middle School: ELA/literacy 50.81; math 32.97; science 61.54;
  • China Primary School: ELA/literacy 41.00; math 39.00; science not tested;
  • Erskine Academy: ELA/literacy 62.68; math 37.32; science 50.34;
  • Messalonskee High School: ELA/literacy 49.43; math 31.61; science 43.64;
  • Vassalboro Community School: ELA/literacy 57.63; math 50.19; science 62.77;
  • George J. Mitchell School, Waterville: ELA/literacy 30.47; math 36.72; science not tested
  • Albert S. Hall School, Waterville: ELA/literacy 54.36; math 37.34; science 65.12
  • Waterville Junior High School: ELA/literacy 46.70; math 32.24; science 54.46
  • Waterville Senior High School: ELA/literacy 59.66; math 32.77; science 53.78
  • Winslow Elementary School: ELA/literacy 48.46; math 27.31; science 57.53;
  • Winslow Junior High School: ELA/literacy 48.64; math 29.30; science 62.50;
  • Winslow High School: ELA/literacy 57.55; math 28.80; science 47.62;
  • Palermo Consolidated School: ELA/literacy 51.85; math 37.04; an asterisk for science;
  • Windsor Elementary School: ELA/literacy 47.74; math 31.16; science 70.13;
  • Lawrence Junior High School: ELA/literacy 42.72; math 33.64; science 65.41
  • Lawrence High School: ELA/literacy 53.74; math 43.54; science 52.03
  • Snow Pond Arts Academy, Sidney: an asterisk for ELA/literacy; math 37.50; science 62.50.

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