IF WALLS COULD TALK, Week of February 16, 2017

Katie Ouilette Wallsby Katie Ouilette

Well, faithful readers, WALLS hope your Valentine’s Day was a happy one. Over the years and even recently, I have learned that even sadness has a happy meaning or, at least, thankfulness.

OK, WALLS, you know I’m leading to something…..right? Yes, our faithful readers, you know about my stay at our very caring Redington-Fairview General Hospital, but I haven’t told you about visitors, as I saved it for WALL’S Valentine’s column! Yup, visitors to the sick? WALLS, sure that knowing people care is important in the ‘healing-wellness’ cycle. No, WALLS, not a long visit, that is tiring, but just a ‘caring stop’ and wish for wellness. What’s more, it isn’t just for hospital care, but WALLS, I’ve certainly appreciated all the wonderful friends’ inquiries made to Lew, whether at his Whittemeore’s Real Estate Office, the grocery store buying that has become his duty, or as someone has called from their car in a parking lot. Yup, every inquiry that I’ve learned about has made me want to get this healing process into high gear!

Yes, my Valentine’s Day has been a happy one, even if it seems I am glued to my chair in the window and watching our snow come down. However, most of all, as I received Valentine greetings from my family and the wonderful photos from Great-Grands Reese and Owen Paine! Also, WALLS, in front of me are ‘the traditional three red roses’ that ‘say it all’ from Lew. He’s not only been a great care-giver, but his caring has forced me to get totally healed soon, as he says ‘how about some chowder while the snow blows?’

WALLS and faithful readers, I hope your Valentine’s Day was meaningful. Mine was because ‘I believe’.

O.K., WALLS, you caught my being interested in what has been happening in our USA lately. Well, another local newspaper had two half pages dedicated to Skowhegan Area Chamber of Commerce happenings and one item interested me. It was entitled “Chamber and College Breakfast” and described as an opportunity for business to let our local colleges know what types of things that are expected from their students once they graduate from their college. Surely, there are students in The Town Line area that might be interested. WALLS, the Skowhegan Chamber’s phone number is 474-3621. This is a fine idea which students may want to pursue. After all, we know that ‘in Maine, life is as it should be.’

IF WALLS COULD TALK, Week of February 9, 2017

Katie Ouilette Wallsby Katie Ouilette

OK, faithful readers, there’s an old saying about ‘what goes around comes around,’ and, frankly, as I sat in my chair in our kitchen in East Madison and reflected on the problems that were encompassing our USA because of immigration rules and regulations. I also decided to find out why the pile of papers in the corner of the top shelf of our bookcase had been kept. Yup, I made a discovery, WALLS!

I found a column entitled IF WALLS COULD TALK that had been written before The Town Line’s managing editor had called me about writing for The Town Line. You were writing for the extinct hometown newspaper, but, guess what? I learned that my Mémère Zelia Valliere and I were having a talk about my speaking French. Yes, she and my Great-Grandma Sarah would talk French to each other on the phone and I wanted to learn that language, but Mémère said, “No, you don’t want to learn to speak French……You speak English.” It seems I didn’t understand her reasoning until Skowhegan Junior High School and I learned in history class that the French were employed only after all the English-speaking immigrants had jobs.

So, WALLS, as you talk to our faithful readers, it is true today that what went around has come around again. It is true that immigration in those days was from our north, wherein, today, folks who love what they hear about our USA, want to live here. What’s more, many of those who want to immigrate to our USA have experienced unbelievable torture and loss because of the Middle East War.

WALLS, I know you aren’t taking a political stand here, but I do appreciate your being aware of what has happened in the world as we thought we knew it. This brings you back to your opening sentence, WALLS, that ‘what goes around, comes around.’ Probably our faithful readers haven’t thought how speaking our native English has possibly played into the equation. I never thought of it until finding the column in the corner of our bookcase.

Yes, yes….I do listen to the news and I did learn a few days ago, WALLS, that the development area for our famous “Valley” in California has many of other countries working there. In fact, our West Coast family tells us of their many friends from other countries……and many of them are from Asia.

WALLS, maybe we in Maine have lived a ‘protected life.’ You know that there’s been a sign at the ‘entrance to Maine’ that says “Welcome to Maine…..The Way Life Should Be.” Yes, WALLS, let’s make sure people ‘believe.’