IF WALLS COULD TALK, Week of August 24, 2017

Katie Ouilette Wallsby Katie Ouilette

WALLS, WALLS, WALLS! You have said with almost every issue of The Town Line that Maine is the very best to live in, but surely our faithful readers are agreeing with you BIG TIME now! True, we live in an ugly world, but surely our little corner called Maine is truly a wonderful place to call home in August 2017!

Surely we all have our ideas of ‘why,’ but, frankly, after living in places that are having so many problems, I am happy that my family has come back to Maine twice. Oh, surely East Madison has lost much. This very small community used to have seven industries from Cumming’s Woolen Mill to skate making and lots of employment opportunities in between. Yes, we had Perkins’ Store, too, plus boat rentals and swimming beaches. Yes, before the days of Madison’s, now gone, paper mill, East Madison had it all, including writer Florence Burrill Jacobs.

Now, the wonderful thing about East Madison is that folks here have kept hope alive with smiles and busy thoughts of making East Madison and Lake Wesserunsett the best it can be. We all are proud that young folks who went to Madison schools and graduated from Madison High School, have
returned to East Madison and ‘home.’

Today, TV has been the swamp that we were promised would be cleaned-up, but, instead, our world has shown how truly ugly people who live in some parts of our U.S.A. have grown to be full of hate, instead to being grateful for our land of the free.

Well, one thing I am sure of. You won’t find ugliness in The Town Line. Maybe our TV and news and programs and movies and, yes, even advertising has too much ugliness any more! We, who live in Maine, are truly fortunate and we have our parents or our employers to thank for our environment. True, we may not have everything that we want, but we have the love of people. People that we meet, on the whole, have ‘happiness’ in their walk or smiles on their faces. We are truly fortunate, faithful readers. Surely you agree.


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