China school third trimester honors


Dean’s list: Kathryn Bailey, Julia Basham, Alyssha Gil, Annika Gil and Richard Winn. High honors: Alec Baker, Derek Beaulieu, Norah Davidson, Lydia Gilman, Alyssa Hale, Ashley Huntley, Eleena Lee and Hunter Praul. Honors: Vincent Emery, Jada Fredette and Serena Sepulvado.


Dean’s list: Ian Oliphant and Courtney Paine. High honors: Nicholas Barber and Aiden Pettengill. Honors: Brooke Allen, Madyx Kennedy Jonathan Martinez, Eban Pierce and Brandon Way.


Dean’s list: Emily Clark, Colby Cunningham, Cailee Elsasser, Jacob Fisher, Samantha Golden, Piper Mann, Sarah Praul and Mackenzie Roderick. High honors: Julia Barber, Emma Jefferson, Lili Lefebvre, Wes McGlew and Rebecca Morton. Honors: Isaac Baker, Clarissa Beyor, Trace Harris, Kaden McIntyre and Hannah Torrey.


Dean’s list: Reiana Gonzalez, Elizabeth Hardy, Lily Matthews and Noah Rushing. High honors: Abigail Beyor, Kayla Peaslee, Gabriel Pelletier and Alexis Rancourt. Honors: Angel Bonilla, Aiden Clark, Breckon Davidson, Nicole DeMerchant, Lilly Fredette, Alivia Gower, Beck Jorgensen, Kaiden Kelley, Alexia Leigh, Brenden Levesque, Gwen Lockhart, Kolby Maxim, Ethan Ouellette, Madeline Pacholski, Samantha Reynolds, Kaden Soto, Sammantha Stafford, Sophie Steeves, Lauren Tyler and Colby Willey.

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