I’M JUST CURIOUS: Clever uses for household items

The humble bobby pin.

by Debbie Walker

Bobby pins! I remember them. They were at one time used to make pin-curls and French Twist hairdos. These days I occasionally use them to hold a wig in place. Uses for them now:

Bobby pins

Toothpaste tube – slide a bobby pin over the tube from the bottom, squeeze and pull it up the nozzle to get every last drop (or cut the tube and scrape it out).

Clothespins – use bobby pins to clip lingerie and swimwear you want to air dry.

Broken zipper – insert bobby pin through the eye of the slider and pull.

Mark tape – clip a bobby pin over the loose end of duct or packing tape, no more struggles to find the end (or just roll tape over on itself)

Rubber bands (we called them elastics, too) I always have a supply on hand especially since I read some of these tips.

Mark your page – Being an avid reader I have used rubber bands as my bookmarks. You can also use them to mark that last page you read, drop the book or a neat freak feel the need to close an open book if you have to leave it for a snack break. No problem your rubber band is there!

Hangers – blouses notoriously slide off hangers. Maddening! Wrap a rubber band around each end of the hanger. TaDa, they stay in place. Love this one!

Car visor – Wrap several rubber bands over your visor. They can hold tickets, cash, printed directions, even a pair of sun glasses.

Messy paint cans – Wrap a rubber band around the height of a can so it is stretched tight across the center of the opening. After you insert your brush slide it against the band, excess paint will fall back into the can, not the rim of the can, less mess.

Eraser – no eraser? Wrap a rubber band around the end of your pencil; erase away graphite off the pencil lead. (I tried it, works! (I would try this with the kids in class this fall but I can imagine the other uses they would find for it!)

Shaving Cream: It’s not just for shaving anymore!

Sunburn – too much sun, looking for a little relief, try menthol shaving cream (Dollar Tree $1.)

Swim goggles – to fog proof goggles, spray on generous amount of shaving cream on the inside of lenses, let sit for a minute, wipe clean with soft cloth.

Grandkids need a bath? Make it fun! Put some shave cream in several bowls; add a few drops of food coloring. You will be the grandparent who rocks the world!

With all the traveling going on now I thought I would pass a couple of these tips on:

Pot holder = a Do-it-Yourself curling iron cover to safely pack the hot tool in a travel bag.

Empty pill bottles = travel sewing kit. Drop a threaded needle, safety pins, and/or buttons inside the bottle for emergency repairs.

I am just curious how many of these ideas help you out or if you have ideas to pass on. I am always open to new ideas. So for questions or comments, find me at dwdaffy@yahoo.com. Thanks for reading and don’t forget The Town Line is online, complete with archives of columns!


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