Lack of rain affecting local lake levels


One six-inch plank on one side of the control gates at the dam is open to minimize water runoff. Photo courtesy of Frank Richards

With very little rain in May, June and so far in July, folks residing on Webber Pond have been wondering about the low water level on the pond.

Webber Pond Association President Frank Richards commented, “My own dock is barely useable.”

Richards went on to explain, “the pool is four inches below the spillway [at the dam]. Normal would be two inches.


A ruler indicates Webber Pond’s water level is four inches below the spillway. That is twice as much as normal for this time of year.

“The lake is being drained by one six-inch plank on one side of the control gates. We are trying to keep at least a drizzle going into the outlet stream.”

He also noted that the inlet at Seaward Mills Stream is “dewatered.”

Attempts to contact China Lake Association President Scott Pierz for comments on that lake were unsuccessful.

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