Letters to the editor, Week of May 25, 2017

Vote yes on school budget

To the editor:

Raising other people’s kids for the past 35 years, I want to send a token of my appreciation to our teachers. As parenting seems to become more of a choice than a responsibility, our teachers are taking on more than just educating our children.

They are extended parents, counselors, mentors and sometimes the only stable person in a child’s life.

Please join me in voting yes on June 13 for this year’s school budget.

Neil Farrington

Remembering the fallen on Memorial Day

To the editor:

As we celebrate this Memorial Day, let’s all not forget the significance of this holiday. To people of my generation, of course, World War II, Korea and Vietnam are all replayed in our minds and hearts, not everyday, but on this day, as I once again visit the graves of my old comrades, it awakens in me all those gone before me and, of course, all those who came after us, spilling their blood for wars that they don’t understand any more than we did serving our country. But serve we did and with the exception of how our Vietnam veterans were treated upon coming home — that will always remain, in my opinion, one of America’s lowest points, morality wise. Yes, it did have a benefit, and that was to change America’s opinion of our men and women now serving. [I will] close by saying it is my fervent hope and prayer that some day America will not have to spill its young treasure on fruitless colonizations.

Frank Slason

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