CHINA NEWS: Planners postpone action on mission statement

by Mary Grow

For the second time this spring, China Planning Board members postponed discussion of developing a mission statement because not all members were at a meeting. Chairman Jim Wilkens was unable to be at the board’s May 9th meeting. Vice Chairman Milton Dudley proposed no action, and the other members agreed.

They decided they will discuss the statement at their May 23rd meeting, whether or not a full board is present.

Dudley expects agreement on a single sentence, which will become the basis for discussion of how much regulation is appropriate to implement the board’s mission. Board member Toni Wall said the town’s comprehensive plan and the Planning Board Ordinance were the two basic documents on which board goals and policies should be based.

Codes Officer Paul Mitnik expects there will be at least one permit application on the May 23rd agenda as building season begins.

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