SOLON & BEYOND, Week of November 3, 2016

Solon and Beyondby Marilyn Rogers-Bull & Percy
Solon, Maine 04979

Good morning, dear friends. Don’t worry, be happy!

The annual Holly Shop Craft Fair at the North Anson Congregational Church will be held on November 12 from 8 a.m. – 1 p.m.

And now for the adventure that happened to us in Rangeley on our vacation there a week ago. Lief loves shrimp, and especially shrimp on a stick, which is served at an establishment in Rangeley. We decided to go to this place on the Friday before we returned home for supper. When we got near the place, a parking spot was hard to find. As we finally were parking we noticed a cop coming out of the building, and my thought was whether I really wanted to go in there, but we did.

We were met right at the door the minute we walked in by one of the loud party goers, and his first words to Lief were, “You have a lovely young lady with you tonight.” He was obviously either high on drugs or alcohol or both, I didn’t pay attention to anything else he was saying to Lief, but was looking over the noisy gathering in front of us. All of a sudden I saw Lief start to go through this raucous bunch and couldn’t believe my eyes when he drew off and punched a guy on the shoulder, that was standing across the room. My immediate thought was, this could get nasty…and so I sent a quick prayer heavenward and marched into the fray! I grabbed the back of Lief’s jacket and dragged him back toward the door. Was shaking pretty bad by that time, and there was an empty table, so we sat down. The first thing I said to Lief was, “Why did you do that?” And his reply was “The guy told me to do it!”

One of the things I love about Lief is his great sense of humor, but he took it to a new level that night! And no, we didn’t sit there very long, but left and found another calmer place to have a meal. Will we go back again for Lief’s shrimp on a stick, definitely, but not on a Friday night! (I let Lief edit this and he said it was OK to send it but you can ask him for his version when you see him!)

I will laugh even harder the next time someone says to me, “What can you possibly find to do in Rangeley for a week?” (So many have asked that question!) But we do other odd things as well, like we did this time, it was much calmer and we laughed a lot! We sat for two hours beside a moose waller (mud hole where moose have been) on the road between Stratton and Rangeley hoping to have a moose come out so we could get a picture of it. Finally, when it was getting along toward dark, with no success, we traveled back to Rangeley.

After reading the above, you all must know how desperate I am for your news, please do contact me (soon) with your goings on.

And hope you will enjoy Percy’s memoir, he has used this one before, but I feel it is worth repeating! “There are two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.” (words by Albert Einstein.) Hope all of you reading this believe in miracles!


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