VASSALBORO: Planners approve two permit applications

Vassalboro Codes Officer Richard Dolby reported that Vassalboro Planning Board members unanimously approved two applications on their Feb. 6 agenda and forwarded a revised Building Permit Ordinance to selectmen, with a request that the two boards discuss the document.

Receiving permits were Robert and Carla Dyason to expand a camp at 72 Branstrom Road on Three Mile Pond and James and Rachel Kilbride for their proposed re-use of the former St. Bridget’s church on Main Street in North Vassalboro.

The Dyasons’ expansion is limited to 92 square feet and the maximum roof height to 24 feet, Dolby wrote.

The Kilbrides propose using the former church as a community center and assembly place, with occasional subsidiary retail uses, like a farmers’ market or yard sales, according to information they gave the board.

Dolby said they have approval to light the existing sign. A parking lot light is to be shielded.

Discussion of proposed changes to the Building Permit Ordinance, drafted by Dolby, focused on setback requirements, the codes officer reported. Board members changed the proposed setback from property lines to 20 feet instead of 10 feet.

They talked about increasing the setback from road rights-of-way, which is now 25 feet, but realized the change would not work in what they called village areas. Since town ordinances do not include maps of village areas, they decided not to recommend the setback change.

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