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Old wives tales and motherhood

I’m Just Curious by Debbie Walker Spring is heading our way (despite our latest storm) and coats will be coming off. It isn’t unusual to see pregnant bellies spring forth! The old wives tales will once again come to life! I took a trip back to the Almanac for some more inspiration. That magazine has […]

Thank you, thank you!

I’m Just Curious by Debbie Walker This column is meant to thank the wonderful medical staff at Inland Hospital, in Waterville. I thank the staff that treated me but I also want the thank you to go to all medical staff that should get an acknowledgement for their services and may not get it. OOooops! […]

I’m Just Curious: Teachers

by Debbie Walker Some of you know that I have been volunteering in a first grade class of a bunch of mini humans who have no front teeth and will chew unbelievable things. The latest one was chewing on their own shoelace! I think we all knew babies go through a teething stage. But, did […]