I’M JUST CURIOUS: Hide and NO seek

by Debbie Walker

Nana Dee, of the Wandering Nanas, uses a lot of fabric for making garments, quilts and the list goes on. We have laughed about how sometimes you must get creative with your collections, sometimes that includes hiding some of the collection for fear of criticism.

We came across an old column from Fons & Porter’s Love of Quilting magazine, May/June 2004 issue, by Cindy L. Weyers, titled 50 Ways to Hide Your Fabric. We aren’t all hiding fabric, so I have left a few ideas out, the ones included here are multi-purpose. You might consider some of these good for hiding Christmas presents as well.

One place for hiding craft materials is in the closet behind and in your shoes on the floor. Men never look at women’s shoes unless they are admiring the legs that go with them.

Hide things behind clothes on closet shelves.

Put false bottoms in clothes hampers. No one digs deeply in there except you.

Store things in a crate marked as women’s clothes and don’t forget where you put them!

Place flat things, like clothing gifts, between mattress and box spring.

Layer some things under the cushions of sofa. Explain it’s needed because some remote control-punching, chip munching, sweating couch potato is squishing the cushions. He will ignore them.

Place in closed box under the sink marked “Cleaning Supplies.” No one will even look!

Fill another box and mark with ‘Feminine Supplies.” That should keep him out of that area.

Fill your cedar chest.

Store in bottom of china cabinet.

When the kids move out, fill their dresser drawers with your goodies.

Tuck between blankets in linen closet.

Hide under beds. Fear of dust bunnies will keep him away.

Store in a vacuum bag under the bed.

Store on top of china cabinet, another place only you would look.

Store in luggage. You usually do the packing anyway, no one would look.

If you know of more places you might drop me a line to let me add them to the list. I wish he would look over his garage and leave the house to me! I don’t touch the garage.

In my copy of HGTV there is always a column titled, How Bad Is It? Straight answers to scratch-your-head questions:

How bad is it to toss a can of spray paint in the trash? If it is empty, it’s not bad. If there’s any paint in it, it’s pretty bad.

How bad is it to keep opening your oven to check on the turkey? Not so bad. The fatal mistake is to try to cook it faster by upping the temperature, that’s pretty bad.

Before I forget it! Did you know there is an easier way to peel a banana than the way I grew up doing it? From the top or from the bottom? I was having trouble getting one opened the other day. My daughter looked over and said, “Do it like the monkeys do, it’s easier. She showed me you open it from the bottom. SOOooo….. much easier! Give it a try.

As usual, I am just curious, where you hide things. I hope you will let me know.

Contact me at dwdaffy@yahoo.com with any questions or comments or call the office and leave me a message. Thank you for reading. Have a happy, healthy week.


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