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CRITTER CHATTER: Time to release the raccoons

by Jayne Winters As a follow-up to the September article, I’m submitting another written by the late Carleen Cote, published in the fall 1999. As we prepare for colder weather, it seems like a good time to share some of her fond memories. “Over the years, hundreds of raccoons have called our Center ‘home.’ When […]

CRITTER CHATTER: Heartbreak at the wildlife care center

by Jayne Winters Donald Cote and his late wife, Carleen, have operated the Duck Pond Wildlife Center for over five decades. Five decades of 24/7 devoted care to nature, large and small, furred and feathered. While we naturally prefer to hear about the successful stories, the “feel good, happily-ever-after” anecdotes, there are certainly sad outcomes […]

CRITTER CHATTER: Speaking of quarantine… Part I

by Jayne Winters As we try to adjust to social distancing, I wondered about what warrants quarantining at wildlife rehab centers. Indoor and outdoor caging is required to separate incoming injured, and perhaps sick, wild animals from people as well as other wild or domestic animals on site. It is imperative that personal safety and […]

CRITTER CHATTER: Does it need to be rescued?

by Jayne Winters We all know that April showers bring May flowers, but for wildlife rehabbers, April also brings desperate calls from well-meaning citizens who are concerned about young animals that appear to be alone. I’m sharing another post written by Carleen Cote regarding the issue of whether to rescue or not: With the return […]

CRITTER CHATTER: Let’s go shopping!

by Jayne Winters If we’re to believe the groundhog’s prediction that spring will come early this year, it seems appropriate to share a post written by the late Carleen Cote, published in May 1997. Seasons change, but often planning for the next one remains the same. I leave it to Carleen to remind readers what […]