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CRITTER CHATTER: Three little kittens – part 2

by Amy Messier When I stopped by to talk to Don Cote at the Duck Pond Wildlife Center today about this month’s column, I was surprised to find all but one carrier empty of critters! Usually there are a variety of newly-admitted chipmunks, squirrels, skunks, possums, and young porcupines or raccoons in small cages or […]

CRITTER CHATTER: Bobcats arrive at center

by Jayne Winters This month’s column about the Wildlife Care Center in Vassalboro was going to be about fox releases, but before we got too far into the conversation, caretaker Don Cote mentioned he had three bobcat kittens on site. I “pounced” on the idea of writing about the bobcats, so we’ll address critter releases […]

CRITTER CHATTER: The difference between animal control officer, and animal damage control officer

by Jayne Winters When Don and I talked about a topic for this month’s column, he suggested letting readers know what the differences are between an Animal Control Officer (ACO) and an Animal Damages Control Agent (ADC). Although the titles of “Animal Control” and “Animal Damage Control” are often used interchangeably, they represent two different […]