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CRITTER CHATTER – Squirrels: nuts to you!

by Jayne Winters I love chatting with Don Cote at the Duck Pond Wildlife Rehab Center – he has over 50 years of critter stories to share! Not all have happily-ever-after endings, but I think every one of the animals Don and his late wife Carleen cared for over the decades touched his heart. It’s […]

CRITTER CHATTER: The dangers of glue traps

by Jayne Winters I knew immediately what I wanted to write about this month after seeing a young red squirrel recently admitted to Duck Pond Wildlife Rehab – he was the sole survivor of his litter mates who had come in contact with a glue trap. Although typically used to control or eliminate insects, mice, […]

CRITTER CHATTER: An unusual release

by Jayne Winters I wasn’t sure what this month’s column would be about, but I needn’t have worried. Don always has a story or two (or more) to tell about the critters and experiences at the Duck Pond Wildlife Care Center! After over 50 years in wildlife rehab, you’d think that he’s seen about everything, […]

CRITTER CHATTER: Critters ready for release

by Jayne Winters When I stopped by to chat with Don at the Duck Pond Wildlife Care Center today, I expected to see the usual pet carriers and cages with rescued critters in the living room. I was surprised to find no one in the incubators or cages! Sadly, the chipmunk that had been admitted […]

CRITTER CHATTER: Some things never change

by Jayne Winters I was planning to write about the two fawns at the Duckpond Wildlife Rehab Center, but after reading through some old columns written by Don’s late wife, Carleen, I was again moved by the years of dedicated, tireless – and often under-appreciated – commitment the Cotes have given to literally thousands of […]

CRITTER CHATTER: Words of wisdom

by Jayne Winters Even though most of us still have some patches of snow in our yards, it won’t be long before it melts and we have more constant warmer temperatures of spring. For wildlife rehabbers, spring brings an increase in phone calls from well-intentioned folks who are worried about young animals that appear to […]