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REVIEW POTPOURRI: How Music Grew in Brooklyn

by Peter Cates How Music Grew in Brooklyn Maurice Edwards; Lanham, Maryland; Scarecrow Press; published 2006; 380 pages. This hefty book of at least 10 pounds could rightfully be considered a coffee table book. A history of the Brooklyn, New York, Philharmonic, it was also a labor of love for its author Maurice Edwards (1922-2020) […]

REVIEW POTPOURRI: 29 Classics You Should Know

by Peter Cates 29 Classics You Should Know Various orchestras; RCA Camden CFL-103, six lps of reissues from Victor 78s. This bargain priced mid-’50s set contained very good performances and, for their day, quite decently recorded sound. The list of orchestras on the record labels contain the actual names for some pieces, and pseudonyms, due […]

REVIEW POTPOURRI – Singer: Connie Francis

by Peter Cates Connie Francis Now 83 years old but still active, Connie Francis is a living legend in pop music. Her 1957 megahit, the lovely Bert Kalmar/Harry Ruby Who’s Sorry Now, was one truly fine song, made extra special by CF’s totally sincere rendition, even if a tad smothered by sentimentality. That year, American […]

REVIEW POTPOURRI: Lost on a Mountain in Maine

by Peter Cates Robert P. Tristram (continued…) Up until a few weeks ago, I was offering weekly paragraphs from Robert P. Tristram Coffin’s essay Kennebec Crystals, which is contained in the 1989 Maine Literature Project anthology, Maine Speaks. To briefly summarize previously offered information Professor Coffin (1892-1955) wrote 40 books that included poetry, novels and […]

REVIEW POTOURRI: Record rescue operation

by Peter Cates Record rescue operation I have been receiving avalanches of free 78s the last few Sundays from a friend who needs to empty his locker. I call it a rescue operation of these records. Otherwise they end up in dumpsters because too many folks want everything modernized. As far as I am concerned, […]

REVIEW POTPOURRI: Soundtracks and singers

by Peter Cates Against All Odds Soundtrack- composed by Michel Colombier; Atlantic 80152-1-E, stereo LP, recorded 1984. I have never seen this Jeff Bridges/ Rachel Ward thriller but, having read the Wiki synopsis, am now curious. The soundtrack itself is a first class mishmash of instrumentals underscoring the action and individual tracks by Peter Gabriel, […]

REVIEW POTPOURRI – Pianist: Emil Gilels

by Peter Cates Emil Gilels In 1955, Russian pianist Emil Gilels (1916-985) made his debut in the United States, being one of a handful of musicians allowed to tour outside the Iron Curtain. His entourage, like other touring musicians from the Soviet Union, included several ‘friends’ who were KGB operatives prepared to shoot in case […]

REVIEW POTPOURRI – Singer: June Valli

by Peter Cates June Valli A June 11,1953, seven-inch RCA Victor 45 record – 47 5368 – features June Valli (1928-1993) singing Cryin’ In the Chapel, which reached #4 on the Billboard charts. Artie Glenn wrote the song for his son Darrell, who recorded it a few months before Valli and had success. Numerous other […]