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REVIEW POTPOURRI – Singer: June Valli

by Peter Cates June Valli A June 11,1953, seven-inch RCA Victor 45 record – 47 5368 – features June Valli (1928-1993) singing Cryin’ In the Chapel, which reached #4 on the Billboard charts. Artie Glenn wrote the song for his son Darrell, who recorded it a few months before Valli and had success. Numerous other […]


by Peter Cates The Boston Pops A very good 1982 Philips cassette, Pops Around the World, features the Boston Pops under its former Music Director John Williams (1932-) playing seven Overtures – two from the U.S. and from Russia, and one each from France, Italy and Austria. The American Overtures are Leonard Bernstein’s for his […]

REVIEW POTPOURRI: Beethoven’s Hammerklavier Sonata

by Peter Cates Beethoven’s Hammerklavier Sonata In 1818, Ludwig van Beethoven composed the Hammerklavier Sonata, #29 of his 32 Sonatas for piano; it is the most technically demanding of the group, a genuine knuckle buster, and very powerful music that, like the composer’s other masterpieces, ranges through many moods. The third movement Adagio is one […]

REVIEW POTPOURRI: Robert P. Tristram Coffin (continued)

by Peter Cates Robert P. Tristram Coffin continued Continuing the weekly series of paragraphs from Robert P. Tristram Coffin’s essay Kennebec Crystals: “Then a sharp blue wind came up out of the northwest, the mercury in the thermometers tumbled. The pines roared on into the dark, the stars snapped in the skies like sapphires. Good […]


by Peter Cates James Joyce Fifteen years ago, I binged for a couple of months on the Irish writer James Joyce (1882-1941) and read his first novel Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man and the short story collection Dubliners. The reading experience was, to put it mildly, intense. Joyce’s singular achievement was to […]

REVIEW POTPOURRI: Perry Mason continued…

by Peter Cates Perry Mason continued (see previous article: TV Show: Perry Mason) Producer Gail Patrick Jackson saw actor William Talman (1915-1968) as the serial killer in 1953’s The Hitch Hiker, directed by Ida Lupino, and immediately knew who she wanted for the role of District Attorney Hamilton Burger on the Perry Mason TV show. […]


by Peter Cates Perry Mason Perry Mason ran for nine seasons on CBS from 1957 to 1966 and has rarely been out of syndication or inaccessible. I have been watching one or two episodes daily via Amazon prime and am now into the second season. And I plan to keep watching until all 271 episodes […]

REVIEW POTPOURRI – Writer: George Meredith

by Peter Cates George Meredith The English poet/novelist George Meredith (1828-1909) composed the following tribute to Queen Victoria (1819-1901), At the Funeral; February 2, 1901 : “Her sacred body bear – the tenement Of that strong soul now ranked with God’s Elect. Her heart upon her people’s heart she spent; Hence is she Royalty’s lodestar […]


by Peter Cates Rudy Vallee Singer Rudy Vallee (1901-1986) was one of the first matinee idol crooners, starting in the late ‘20s. Frantic mobs of teenage girls went berserk at his live appearances as they did later with Sinatra, Presley and the Beatles, although with the shortly coming emergence of Russ Colombo and Bing Crosby […]