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PLATTER PERSPECTIVE – Composer: Leonard Bernstein

by Peter Cates Leonard Bernstein Bradley Cooper’s Maestro gave a somewhat superficial depiction of the marriage of Leonard and Felicia Bernstein while biographies of David Ewen, John Gruen and Joan Peyser filled in some facts and personal, at times biased observations, Gruen providing fascinating interviews as well. I am going to provide a list of […]

PLATTER PERSPECTIVE: Edna St. Vincent Millay

by Peter Cates Edna St. Vincent Millay Camden/Rockland native Edna St. Vincent Millay (1892-1950) has been written about in this column previously. However, I wish to commemorate her during this Memorial Day week for her switch from being an anti-war pacifist during World War I to supporting the U.S. government’s entry into World War II […]

PLATTER PERSPECTIVE: Smith Ballew & Ava Gardner

by Peter Cates Smith Ballew Native Texan Smith Ballew (1902-1984) had a dance orchestra with which he recorded batches of 78s back during the 1930s. One was a 1935 ten inch shellac (Con­queror 8441) containing a very expressive performance of a Great American Songbook standard, Isle of Capri, in which he also sang as lead […]


by Peter Cates Hangman Hangman is a 2017 thriller dealing with a serial killer on the loose in the fictitious city of Monroe, Georgia. The psycho also dispatches each of his victims according to a children’s game called Hangman, hence the title. The movie is also a piece of junk in terms of all the […]

REVIEW POTPOURRI – Novelist: Gerard Robichaud; Singer: Tony Williams; Movie: White Heat; Violinist: Fritz Kreisler

by Peter Cates Gerard Robichaud Novelist Gerard Robichaud (1908-2008) was born in Québec, moved with his parents to Lewiston as a child, returned to Québec at 18 to study for the priesthood and practice writing stories during his spare time, but then left the priesthood to return to Lewiston in 1928 and over the next […]

REVIEW POTPOURRI: the Gingersnaps & Alfred Tennyson

by Peter Cates Gingersnaps A 1956 seven-inch 45 (Kapp K-226X) features the Gingersnaps, four women from Sheboygan, Wisconsin, who had been friends in high school. They perform two novelty bubblegum pop songs, Gingerbread; and Lenny! Lenny! This record was for me an intriguing historic curiosity because, having been born in 1951, the ‘50s have remained […]


by Peter Cates Sarah Orne Jewett The October 1904, Atlantic Monthly, out of Boston, Massachusetts, had an article, The Art of Miss Jewett, on South Berwick Maine’s own Sarah Orne Jewett (1849 – 1909) , via which Charles Miner Thompson (1864-1941) stated the following: “…I always think of her as of one who, hearing New […]