LETTERS: Stand with Sam

To the editor:

After Covid, we need good news. Fortunately, in this mid-term election, there is a new face and philosophy on the political scene. Sam Hunkler, a true Independent, is on the ballot for Governor of Maine. Sam is no puppet manipulated by party strings but rather a man who thinks for himself while caring deeply about others.

Sam is a retired M.D. who has spent most of his adult life healing people across this country and around the world. He wants to bring that healing to the people and politics of Maine. His campaign motto is, “Let’s find Common Ground Using Common Sense for the Common Good.” He is not accepting financial contributions and will not be beholden to anyone. Sam’s running a grassroots campaign, having collected 4,000 signatures, mostly by himself, to get on the ballot.

You can find more information about Sam on his website-standwithsam2022.com and on Facebook-facebook.com/StandwithSam2022.

Leland Hanchett

LETTERS: Don’t cut grass, save our environment

To the editor:

There are 142,153,010 residential properties in the United States. Let’s say just 42,000,000 of those properties get the grass cut. [It takes approximately] 1.4 gallons of gas used on average per lawn, per week; 25 weeks of grass cutting. [That comes to] 1.06 billion gallons saved if you stop that ridiculous activity. Then there is the life killed and oxygen-producing leaves being cut. All for image and appearance. Humans are absurd.

Brent Elisens

LETTERS: Boisvert for sheriff

To the editor:

Dear Voters of Waldo County,

It may come as a surprise to some of you to learn that the Republican candidate for Waldo County Sheriff is Todd Boisvert.

Todd, currently the Chief of Police and the Director of Public Safety in Searsport, is extremely qualified, having over 30 years law enforcement experience. Additionally, he has recently obtained a masters degree in administration of criminal justice from Norwich University, in Vermont, and attended the FBI National Academy Session 274. As Uniform Division Captain at his previous employment of 28 years, he managed a staff of 65 sworn officers and 17 civilian staff members. He also managed a budget of several million dollars per year, proving his management capabilities and fiscal responsibility.

Waldo County needs a sheriff who is committed to improving the lives of all residents by having the goal of addressing the drug problem. Todd will bring energy and determination to the task and to the department. His management style will bring a new positivity to the sheriff’s department and boost morale.

Come meet Todd and bring your concerns and questions to a meet and greet at the Belfast American Legion, on September 2, from 4-7 p.m., during their usual Friday supper (spaghetti that night). You will come away with a sense of his professionalism and strength of character.

FMI: https://boisvertforsheriff.wixsite.com/my-site-1.

JoAn Petersen

LETTERS: Electric heat the best

To the editor:

In response to my extolling the advantages of electric heat and the writer saying it needs lots of insulation, those days are over. With the new super types of insulation the homes don’t even need to be [retro-fitted] to accept base board electric heating. Remember electric heat is safe, clean and quiet.

As to the writer’s reference to heat pumps, just a little background. Heat pumps were first introduced in the south and primarily for air conditioning. As the technology improved they decided to try heat pumps in the north. Even with the new improvements, the manufacturers and the engineers have said if temps go to 0-degrees or colder, they suggest back up heat, and the experts at heat pump suggested baseboard electric heat, and roughly most of the northern states have laws or codes requiring a heating backup system installed with heat pumps.

Also, as a retired electrical contractor/engineer and nuclear advocate, it should be noted that solar panels are not biodegradable and they will wear out. My fervent hope and prayer is that we harness nuclear fission and then we will be able to sustain the massive loads for electricity coming our way.

Frank Slason

LETTERS: Albion is the best town

To the editor:

I just wanted to say, how happy I am to live in Albion. I love this beautiful town. I’m so pleased to see the village bustling again. A few years ago Main St. was desolate. Now the village is full of people, new living spaces, and several new businesses are thriving. I’m just so pleased. The village is still small, quaint, & has all the country charm that I moved from China to Albion for.

I am so grateful for the wonderful people that run this town. A few weeks ago I had an issue that (to me) was important, but truthfully could’ve waited. But me, being me, went knocking on the town office door even though it was clearly closed. I should not have been surprised, but I was, when the door opened. I was given the info I needed right then and there. I then made contact with the town road commissioner. He answered my call, even though he was actively working on a job site. Within an hour he called me back with the info I needed. The state was not as helpful, but that’s neither here nor there.

By the end of the day, when realizing what a pain I am (lol) I went to bed thanking my God for the people in and the town itself of Albion.

Thank you to every town official and every town resident who make this beautiful country town the most perfect place to live.

Danielle Foster

LETTERS: LD-290 is insane

To the editor:

Wake up people of Maine! Regarding LD-290, a sleeper bill that slipped through without any discussion called, “A tax relief program”, is a misnomer. Freezing a poor person’s tax increase on their home is ridiculous. Taxes rise and fall! Let’s hope and pray Gov. Mills spots this and vetoes it immediately.

To the idiots who created this bogus bill designed to cause mayhem throughout cities and municipalities with needless paper work and money wasted.

Now, if someone with common sense at the state house could come up with a sensible bill used in other states called, “The real estate tax deferment plan,” [there are] lots of similarities except for the increase freezing nonsense. It requires at 75, Homestead act on home for 10 years at the federal poverty level, and have been living in the home for a minimum of 20 years. So, LD-290 is not going to bail out poor people and give them more money for food. I sure hope the governor wakes up quickly and vetoes this insane bill. Bear in mind, deferred means not paying any taxes until you sell or die!

Frank Slason

Editor’s note: A new property tax law passed in the most recent session of the Legislature is entitled LD-290 – An Act to Stabilize Property Taxes for Individuals 65 Years of Age or Older Who Own a Homestead for at Least 10 Years.” Very little information has been shared with municipalities on how the program will be administered. The state expects the application and more information to be available by August 8. This law applies to the tax year beginning April 1, 2023. Interested taxpayers will need to apply with the municipality where their homestead is located on or before December 1, 2022.

LETTERS: Are solar panels a blight?

To the editor:

An observation…am I the only one who finds the acres of solar panels a blight on our beautiful Maine landscape? Is it asking too much to leave a border of trees to hide these fields of plastic…I haven’t heard anyone else commenting on this and our town voted down giving the select board time to develop a new ordinance to regulate them…so am I alone in my distaste for these unsightly fields that are, in my view, an eyesore?

If they are a necessity, can we at least create a buffer to hide them from view?

Linda Morrell

LETTERS: Thanks to all voters

To the editor:

I wanted to send a sincere thank you to ALL who voted in the District #62 Republican primary on June 14. I appreciate the civic engagement and concern you have for the future of Maine!

As your Republican candidate for the position of State Representative I want to assure you that I am open to hearing your ideas and your desires for the state and I welcome emails, calls and invitations to sit down and talk them over. I can be reached at katrinaformaine@gmail.com or at 207-230-9583.

My desire as a State Representative is to be your voice and to boldly pursue legislation that advances freedom, conservative values and prosperity for all Mainers in Augusta. Already I have listened to hundreds of people who worry about inflation and the hardship of surviving winter, about the great concern parents have for the education their children are currently experiencing and about the difficulty of doing business in Maine. I have heard person after person proclaim that if Maine doesn’t see a change in this election they will have to move and their hearts are broken about it. I pledge to work every day to make Maine a state we can afford to live in, want to live in and are safe to live in. Thank you again and I hope to see you soon!

Katrina Smith

LETTERS: Announces candidacy

To the editor:

My name is Stephen J. Hemenway, a retired Deputy Sheriff of 32 years, currently living in Northport, producing a national family educational public access tv show called The Children’s Corner, which is also on Youtube. I decided a few months back to leave my little retirement “safe zone,” and run for State House Representative for District #39. Why would I do such a thing?

It wasn’t the 2019 expansion of renewable energy laws that are currently devastating miles of woods with toxic and caustic solar panels or the now current LD2003 law that allows developers to build low income housing, aka “projects”, in the suburbs. It was the 2021 law, LD864, that takes away the rights of parents and guardians to watch and listen to what’s being taught to their children when being taught at home over the internet, ie: “remote instruction.”

Parents and guardians are “not authorized” to watch, listen or record the instruction and are only “authorized” to help the child gain access to the instruction, per this law. This law was sponsored by my opponent, Jan Dodge, the current Representative for District #39. She supported everything else I mentioned above as well. It is imperative that all voters know what their representatives are doing in the House before they vote! I do not support Jan Dodge and hope to win this seat this November 8.

Stephen J. Hemenway

LETTERS: Food pantry thanks community

The China Food Pantry at 1320 Lakeview Drive in China. (photo by Eric Austin)

To the editor:

The China Community Food Pantry thanks all those in town who donated food in the US Postal Food Drive. Your generosity is greatly appreciated.

Ann Austin, director
China Community Food Pantry