IF WALLS COULD TALK, Week of April 12, 2018

Katie Ouilette Wallsby Katie Ouilette

Yes, faithful readers and all those that are eager for Spring, just remember that this is Maine and be especially happy that we all are in the state of our U.S.A. that is known for our being genuine. Yes, we are a genuine and caring population and there are writings by a variety of people that prove it!

You all know that I have two television programs by way of BeeLine TV-11, but somehow WALLS know that you who are faithful readers do not connect the dots.

The dots? Well, there are several schools in the Skowhegan Area that are not affiliated with SAD #54.

We have a charter school in downtown Skowhegan now, but have you thought about The Marti Stevens School has been across from the SAD #54 Superintendent’s Office for a long time. Actually, and it has nothing to do with the dots, but the superintendent’s office is located at what was the Horne Farm.

Yes, we all do get older and I have Horne’s Farm milk bottles on a shelf in our kitchen! Remember when milk used to be delivered at our doorsteps?

O.K., WALLS, we spent a minute reminiscing, but let’s tell everyone that Skowhegan Heritage Council has a new member. Yup, Barry Sites has joined us and, bet you guessed…he is a daily affiliate at The Marti Stevens School. So, the dots have been connected!

That reminds WALLS that so few younger folks are interested in history any more. Why? Yes, yes, we of yesteryear thought of our future and were set on preparing for it, but we also learned that our future was based on the information garnered throughout the past, for us to build on in the future. Students, this is for you…always remember that your present in your future exist because someone worked hard to make today happen and the future awaits for you. Take it from me, I haven’t forgotten Miss Thompson’s teaching me in the first grade at Lincoln School, on Leavitt Street, in Skowhegan….and I am now 87 years young.


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