IF WALLS COULD TALK, Week of December 8, 2016

Katie Ouilette Wallsby Katie Ouilette

WALLS, if our faithful readers aren’t off to the stores, somewhere, and Christmas shopping, hopefully they are taking time to read about your suggestions this week. Oh, and while I’m on the subject of our faithful readers, you may have no idea how many of our readers are truly faithful. Wow, readers that I do not know recognize my glasses, I guess, and that you, WALLS, have a writer. Yes, each of them that tells how much they enjoy you are really giving us a ‘gift for all seasons’, right?

You, WALLS, know that Lew and I hope that our gifts inspire our great-grandchildren to learn and have fun, at the same time, as we fill all their parent’s mailboxes with National Geographic for Little Kids and for Kids (KIDS receive the issues that are published for seven years old and ‘up’). We are told our beloved kids really enjoy both editions together and the ‘more grown up great-grandkids’ receive the Smithsonian Magazine…and so do we! What an interesting read that affords us! Yes, WALLS, no one is ever too young or too old to learn!

Adults? Well, we do that the easy way, too. You see, we have a cancer-free great-grandson who was diagnosed at five years old and was sent to St. Jude’s by Seattle Children’s Hospital. What a wonderful research hospital that has to be, as our now grown up 17 year old was schooled for 12 years while at St. Jude’s and he only lost one year of school while there.

Equally, dear to us is his original doctor who had retired, but saw our great-grandson at his home, since a loving mom felt that treating her son for the flu was not what he needed. Yes, that doctor said he had to go to Seattle Children’s immediately and, it just happened that the world’s outstanding authority on Wilm’s Cancer was at St. Jude’s.

Some of you faithful readers maybe saw our great-grandson on Keeping Pace when he visited Maine from Bellingham, Washington. Former Town Manager John Doucette interviewed our handsome cancer-cured grandson and you faithful readers learned why Make a Wish is so important for giving, too.

Do you remember Danny Thomas, who brought fun, laughter and real lessons to everyone in the family once a week? His daughter, Marlo Thomas, promotes St. Jude’s as her dad’s dream. Well, Danny’s dream made our dream come true, too, so now WALLS, you can write the letter to Marlo and tell her of all the Ouilette family members’ Christmas gift that has been sent to St. Jude’s every year since Danny’s dream became ours, as well.

Many thanks for the cards that you send us, Marlo, so that we can send to those at St. Jude’s and wish them wellness in their respecdtive future, Marlo and all that work day and night to make that wellness a reality……her dad’s dream.

So, now, faithful readers, we of WALLS will be back next week and wish you a very happy holiday season!


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