IF WALLS COULD TALK, Week of July 28, 2016

Katie Ouiletteby Katie Ouilette

WALLS. a recent description of Skowhegan was “a whole lot of energy and a ton of fun,” and,  for sure, Skowhegan Downtown is about to welcome one of the outstanding happenings that has gone on for years and it will begin at the famous and historic Skowhegan Fairgrounds on Thursday, July 28, and end on Saturday, July 30, with the Artisan Bread Fair.  O.K. WALLS, this is a quote from THE Kennebec Explorer:  “it’s an eating event dedicated solely to ‘Real Bread’ and everything associated with this most ancient and central staple (even tasty pastry).  Don’t miss a single crumb.

WALLS, this is the perfect time to explain Maine Grains that Amber Lambke was inspired to bring to Somerset County’s historic Old County Jail.  First of all, several years ago, Amber was the person who brought The Kneading Conference to Skowhegan by reaching out to folks in charge of The Kneading Conference from California.  Remember, faithful readers, when the first Kneading Conference was held at The Tewksbury Center, on The Island in Skowhegan?  Well, interest grew and grew and now the Skowhegan Fairgrounds is the chosen location.  Yes, WALLS, we are so fortunate that Amber has become an important member of our community that has known the pitfalls of loss of downtown businesses and, thanks to Amber and others who are dedicated to making Skowhegan downtown great, again, this wonderful town is growing through those dedicated efforts.

Many thanks must go to many leaders of our community in this issue, faithful readers.  On the July 19, MainStreet’s Executive
Director Kristina Cannon, planned a meeting that leaders throughout the community attended.  Welcomed was a member of the board of selectmen, representatives of schools and hospitals in Skowhegan.  Representatives of organizations such as Rotary, Lions, Skowhegan Heritage Council, and the many businesses that have chosen to be here.  Need I say that we must give Andy and Donna, of Russakoff Jewelers, many accolades for being one of our historic mainstays (the business having been started by Andy’s grandfather Sussman when he immigrate to Skowhegan).  Also attending this momentous meeting were folks who help others cope, such as interim executive director of our Skowhegan Area Chamber of Commerce and Executive Director Jason Gayne, of Hospice.  WALLS, that meeting was for all attending to say what they now want Skowhegan to become and the ideas flowed, for sure.  The meeting was held at our Rennaisance Building and Alton Whittemore, for whom ‘Alton’s Way’ is named, would be proud.

Other events are planned way into August, faithful readers, and WALLS will keep you informed, for sure.  And, have a happy summer!


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