I’m Just Curious: Happy new year!

by Debbie Walker

Here we are again folks! Happy New Year! Now you must do your resolutions and make some unrealistic promises to yourself. I read the column Roland [The Town Line’s managing editor] wrote for New Year’s; I was very pleased. I enjoy his writing anyway but I found his suggestions for resolutions to be of the helpful kind! They aren’t the typical ones of losing weight, quit smoking, quit drinking, etc.

I don’t tend to take this custom seriously. By now you have noticed that I don’t think in terms of “politically correct” anything.

Last year I read somewhere that a man had chosen a New Year’s Resolution he thought he had a good chance of keeping. His resolution was to break any resolutions he chose.

Yup, he figured it was better than a good chance he could break his resolutions. I loved it! But let’s stay with this subject a little bit.

Today I heard the first of what will be many to come; the commercials telling us we must improve ourselves. This one was a weight loss program. So I am sure you have heard that we are all supposed to be walking around skinny, oh and don’t forget the exercise programs we need to keep our body in shape! Sounds like you are supposed to work a full time job, an take care of your home and family. Oh yeah, make sure the kids all have extra curricular activities to bring them up well rounded mentally, physically and emotionally. And what else they might learn is who they are is never enough.

I have a new word for you. It is “Stressolutions.” Those are what become of the well-advertised resolutions. I love some of the ones Roland had in his column the issue before Christmas. My favorites were: 1. Be proud of your age. We earned those lines and wrinkles! 2. Get messy. I love that one; remember I work with first graders, not sure who has more fun, them or me! 3. Walk to the beat of your own tuba.

The “Stressolutions” are the ones you feel bad, sad, guilty or angry because you “failed.” I really don’t like the word ‘failed,” if you tried, you did not fail. Often the timing you began the “Stressolutions” with wasn’t workable.

I would like to see a year where we would each feel like we were good enough just the way we are. It would be year where if you have tried you don’t feel that you failed. I am not saying to never learn anything new or change anything. This week I am going to have a tutor to help me with my new phone, tablet and new computer. I need to understand “APPS,” my little niece keeps mentioning APPS. So between the tutor and my niece I am hoping to be able to add to my understanding of these gadgets. It’s really not a pass or fail deal for me.

I would like to see a year when folks could be comfortable with who they are without all the “Stressolutions.”

I’m just curious what you will decide to do about stressolutions. Contact me with questions or comments at dwdaffy@yahoo.com. Thanks for reading. Have a healthy and happy New Year.


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