I’m Just Curious: I don’t understand

by Debbie Walker

I have a question. Well that’s quite the lie! Anyone who knows me is very aware of my many, many questions. After all this is titled I’M JUST CURIOUS!!!

For quite some time I have wondered why someone would rather struggle with the life of losing their hearing and refuse to wear hearing aids. So far I have not heard an excuse that makes sense. I’ve heard a bunch of excuses but I just cannot imagine choosing to not hear well. It’s not safe and you miss some important “people time.”

These same people think nothing of going to the eye doctors for glasses. Some choose contacts for various reasons. This same person will get the glasses and wear them but “no way” on the hearing aids.

Recently I discovered another doctoring field that for some reason isn’t fully used. That’s the foot doctor. (I’m not doing the fancy titles tonight). I have some big, odd feet. I have had reason to go to the foot doctor. The one I was introduced to here in Maine is Dr. Wilkerson, in Oakland. Oh yeah, he and I are good buddies now! I think he finds my warped toes amusing.

They are pretty funny to look at.

I had told Ken about a year ago I was done taking care of his big thick ingrown toe nails. He has diabetes and it is extremely important for a diabetic’s feet to be well taken care of, and I don’t have a foot degree. I made him an appointment with Doc Wilkerson and I delivered him to the office! He’s doing well.

There are a couple of people that I care very much for and they would get around much easier if they could get the right person to help them out. I used to mess with my feet until they bled.

Didn’t help a thing, just put myself in more danger of an infection and any infection is not a good thing to have. If when you call it’s because you got it bleeding, tell the office staff you have an open wound. Don’t put it off.

When your feet hurt, your whole body hurts. It’s just too painful when you have callouses, corns, planter’s something, bunions or other, etc. If you are having pain in your feet don’t put off going. I am pretty sure there is a cause of that pain.

OK I am off the soapbox for tonight. I’m just curious if fear of the unknown keeps some people in pain. Think about those hearing aids and glasses, too!!!

Love hearing from you. Contact me at dwdaffy@yahoo.com sub. line: feet.


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