LEGAL NOTICES for Thursday, November 16, 2023

18-A MRSA sec. 3-801

The following Personal Representatives have been appointed in the estates noted. The first publication date of this notice November 16, 2023. If you are a creditor of an estate listed below, you must present your claim within four months of the first publication date of this Notice to Creditors by filing a written statement of your claim on a proper form with the Register of Probate of this Court or by delivering or mailing to the Personal Representative listed below at the address published by his name, a written statement of the claim indicating the basis therefore, the name and address of the claimant and the amount claimed or in such other manner as the law may provide. See 18-C M.R.S.A. §3-80.

2023-347 – Estate of STEPHEN LYONS, late of Canaan, Maine deceased. Kitrina Marie Price-Lyons, 11 Matthew Drive, Canaan, Maine 04924 appointed Personal Representative.

2023-349 – Estate of KATHY ANN GRANT, late of Fairfield, Maine deceased. Karen L. Burden, PO Box 466, Sandown, NH 03873 appointed Personal Representative.

2023-350 – Estate of KAREN D. FOSTER, late of Smithfield, Maine deceased. Kitti D. Caron, 10 Wilson Hill Rd., Merrimack, NH 03054 appointed Personal Representative.

2023-352 – Estate of DALE L. BURDIN, late of Cambridge, Maine deceased. Kathryn A. Burdin, PO Box 67, Cambridge, Maine 04923 appointed Personal Representative.

2023-353 – Estate of GEORGE W. SPIRITO, SR., late of Canaan, Maine deceased. Karen E. Spirito, 1120 Old Orchard Road, Eastham, MA 02642 appointed Personal Representative.

2023-354 – Estate of DAVID DEAN WEESE, late of Athens, Maine deceased. Belinda Weese, 272 Somerset Ave., Pittsfield, Maine 04967 appointed Personal Representative.

2023-355 – Estate of JANET R. LEIGHTON, late of Norridgewock, Maine deceased. Tracy A. Billington, 7 Smithfield Rd., Norridgewock, Maine 04957 appointed Personal Representative.

2023-356 – Estate of MICHAEL W. TRAVERS, late of Anson, Maine deceased. Richard A. Travers, PO Box 141 Lebanon, Maine 04027 appointed Personal Representative.

2023-258 – Estate of SADIE C. STURTEVANT, late of Madison, Maine deceased. Doreen T. Poulin, 26 Wedgewood Dr., Oakland, Maine 04963 appointed Personal Representative.

2023-361 – Estate of THOMAS D. KING, late of Shawmut, Maine deceased. David T. King, 616 E. Pittston Rd., Pittston, Maine 04345 appointed Personal Representative.

2023-263 – Estate of ALICE E. OUELLETTE, late of Madison, Maine deceased. Christopher R. Beckwith, 42 Main Rd. N., Hampden, Maine 04444 appointed Personal Representative.

2023-369 – Estate of ROBERTA S. KNOWLES, late of Skowhegan, Maine deceased. Carol A. Bialy, 508 Greenkill Road, Kingston, NY 12401 appointed Personal Representative.

2023-273 – Estate of ELLINGFORD L. MESSER, late of Concord Township, Me deceased. Paul R. Dionne, Esq., 465 Main Street, Suite 102, Lewiston, Me 04240-6738 appointed Personal Representative.

2023-371 – Estate of ROBERT M. MOODY, late of Anson, Maine deceased. Laurie A. Moody, PO Box 774, Augusta, Maine 04332 appointed Personal Representative.

2023-372 – Estate of SANDRA B. BRIERLEY, late of Cornville, Maine deceased. David Drake, 1309 East Ridge Road, Cornville, Maine 04976 appointed Personal Representative.

2023-373 – Estate of WALTER L. NORRIE, late of Palmyra, Maine deceased. Barbara R. Norrie, Two Monument Sq., Portland, Maine 04101 appointed Personal Representative.

TO BE PUBLISHED November 16, 2023

Dated November 13, 2023
/s/ Victoria Hatch,
Register of Probate




Notice is hereby given by the respective petitioners that they have filed petitions for appointment of personal representatives in the following estates or change of name. These matters will be heard at 10 a.m. or as soon thereafter as they may be on December 5, 2023. The requested appointments or name changes may be made on or after the hearing date if no sufficient objection be heard. This notice complies with the requirements of 18-C MRSA §3-403 and Probate Rule 4.

2023-336 – Estate of LAURA BETH SINGH. Petition for Change of Name (Adult) filed by Laura Beth Singh, 212 Lower Mills Road, Madison, Me 04950 requesting her name be changed to Laura Beth Robison for reasons set forth therein.

2023-337 – Estate of SIRENA NAOMI HAYWOOD. Petition for Change of Name (adult) filed by Sirena N. Haywood, 31 Bennett Ave., Skowhegan, Me 04976 requesting her name be changed to Emica Lee Campbell-Haywood for reasons set forth therein.

2023-348 – Estate of STEFANIE LEANNE THOMPSON. Petition for Change of Name (Adult) filed by Stefanie Leanne Thompson, 167 Main Street, Skowhegan, Me 04976 requesting her name be changed to Stefanie Leanne Hilton for reasons set forth therein.

2023-360 – Estate of JUNE SHIRLEY CHEN. Petition for Change of Name (Adult) filed by June Shirley Chen, PO Box 161, Madison, Me 04950 requesting her name be changed to Shirley June Chen for reasons set fourth therein.

Dated: November 13, 2023, 2023
/s/ Victoria Hatch,
Register of Probate


of Somerset County, Maine


heirs, legal representatives, devisees, assigns, trustees in bankruptcy, disseizors, Creditors, leinors and their grantees, and any and all other persons who claim right, title, interest or estate, legal or equitable, in the within described land and real estate by, through or under the said Gladys M.Durgin


This case came to be heard on the Motion of Plaintiff’s Attorney, Kenneth A. Lexier, Esq., whose address is 263 Water Street, P.O. Box 9, Skowhegan, Maine 04976 for service by publication upon the Defendant Gladys M. Durgin’s heirs, etc.

This is a quiet title and declaratory judgment action against Gladys M. Durgin’s heirs for the real estate in West Forks Plantation, Maine, known as the Durgin Cemetery more particularly described as:

The cemetery in West Forks on the north bank of the Dead River; located at Dead River Road, West Forks, Somerset County, ME 04985; commonly known as the Durgin Cemetery. Further described below:
Beginning at the point on the southeast corner of the cemetery on Dead River Road, just west of the intersection of Dead River Road and Durgin Brook; thence westerly eighty-six feet (86’) along Dead River Road to a point; thence northerly one-hundred and nine feet (109’) to a point; thence easterly thirty-eight feet (38’) to a point; thence southerly one-hundred and sixteen feet (116’) to the point of beginning.

The Durgin Cemetery was excepted and reserved in a deed from Gladys M. Durgin to Central Maine Power Company dated August 23, 1962, and recorded in the Somerset County Registry of Deeds in Book 658, Page 67.

The complaint alleges that the heirs of Gladys M. Durgin and every person claiming by, through or under said heirs be barred from all claims to any right, title, interest or estate in said real property.

After due diligence Plaintiff, West Forks Plantation, has been unable to make service upon said heirs of Gladys M. Durgin of the Complaint now pending before this honorable Court and the present whereabouts of said heirs of Gladys M. Durgin cannot be ascertained.

It is Ordered that service be made upon the Defendant Gladys M. Durgin’s heirs by publishing once a week for three (3) consecutive weeks in The Town Line newspaper, a newspaper of general circulation in the County of Somerset, where the action is pending, a copy of the Order attested by the Clerk of the District Court, Division of Skowhegan.

The first publication shall be made within twenty (20) days after this Order is granted.

Twenty-one (21) days after the first publication of this Order service shall be considered complete. Within twenty (20) days after service is considered complete, Gladys M. Durgin’s heirs, etc., shall appear and defend this action by filing an answer with the Clerk of the District Court, Skowhegan, and also by filing a copy of said answer with the Plaintiff’s Attorney, Kenneth A. Lexier, Esq., 263 Water Street, P.O. Box 9, Skowhgan, Maine 04976. IN CASE OF FAILURE TO DO SO, JUDGMENT BY DEFAULT MAY BE RENDERED AGAINST THE DEFENDANT GLADYS M. DURGIN’S HEIRS.

The Clerk shall incorporate this Order by reference in the docket in this case. This entry is made in accordance with Rule 79(a) of the Maine Rules of Civil Procedure.

Dated: October 27, 2023
/s/ Andrew Benson
Judge, Maine District Court
A True Copy
Attested: /s/ Susan Furbush



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