LETTERS: Let’s Not Go Down That Path

To the editor:

A recent political mailer from a conservative PAC seeks to spread hateful innuendo and disinformation about Maine educators and schools to scare voters while asking them to vote Republican. Maine doesn’t need attacks on the overworked and underpaid educators that run our schools and teach our kids and grandchildren. Nor do we need dishonest attacks in our politics.

Reflect on the good teacher, coach, counselor or custodian in your past that showed you understanding and support through a tough time or inspired you to find your purpose. They taught not only subject matters, but also social and emotional learning, like how to treat other students with kindness and make friends. Educators inspire kids to learn and make the time to meet with parents to discuss their child’s learning. They, and school board members who also have been under attack recently, are your neighbors. All the folks who make our schools work are our neighbors and they deserve respect for what they do, not smear tactics.

If you want people representing you who will stand up for students receiving a full and truthful education and for public school funding; who will stand up for women’s rights, and affordable healthcare; who will stand up for property tax relief by expanding revenue sharing and homestead exemptions, then re-elect Gov. Janet Mills, Congresswoman Chellie Pingree, Maine Sen. Eloise Vitelli, Maine Representatives Holly Stover and Lydia Crafts, District Attorney Natasha Irving, Sheriff Todd Brackett and County Commissioner Bill Blodgett. And elect Cameron Reny to the Maine Senate and Clinton Collamore, Pam Swift, and Jane Beckwith to the Maine House.

Take a moment to ask yourself whether it makes sense to vote based on trumped-up fears or to vote for people who spent two years helping Maine people weather the pandemic together and make historic fiscal improvements through honest advocacy, compromise, and hard work. Those are the people we need, and more like them.

Chris Johnson, Chairman,
Lincoln County Democratic Committee


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