LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: Americans easily laying down to government

To the editor:

Question: Are you willing to surrender individual liberty for a little security?

And those who vote “yes” should maybe lose both. It truly saddens me to see how easily Americans have laid down to their government.

Mr. A. Aurich


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    Ellen Holmes says:

    I’m not laying down for my government. I’m following science, common sense, and a general sense of wanting to help my fellow human. Rugged individualism is a myth and that’s what this virus points out. None of us get anything without the help and support of others. Many Mainers like to say, “no one helped me, I did it myself.” Everyday some other person in our society helped you. From someone who made a rule about food standards, to a parent who fed you, to an employee who sold you had, to a doctor that monitors your health. Laying down to Government means that you can not think about facts for yourself, that you don’t consider anyone else’s well being, and that you don’t understand how local community actually works. I feel sorry for you that you believe taking care of those around you has something to do with government. A sad existence indeed.


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