LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: Government overreach removes our parental choice

To the editor:

This coming March at the polls we will have a chance to stop government overreach in Maine by voting YES on Question 1. Proponents of this bill will tell us parents still have a choice when it comes to making medical decisions for your child. What kind of choice is either homeschooling your child or forcing a medical procedure that you have seen cause them harm in the past? That is not a “choice.” It’s an ultimatum.

My yes vote on question 1 is not an “antivax” vote. I have 11-year-old twins. Both have been vaccinated. One was fine with vaccines and will continue to receive them. The other twin was not fine. In fact, she suffered serious adverse effects and is still dealing with those issues today. We as her parents, made the best medical decision for each child. As a result of LD 798, my daughter will be removed from school in 2021 for missing just one dose of one vaccine.

The choice to homeschool or make my daughter sick again is not a “choice” any parent should be forced to make, yet LD 798 does just that. As for single parents, it seems proponents don’t care about a single parent and sole bread winner for the family having to make this “choice.”

The government will never make a better medical decision than parents (who do not make these choices lightly or without a great deal of thought). Please vote Yes to reject government overreach so that ALL children of Maine can receive the education of their choice.

Ronda Snyder


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3 replies
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    Hilary F says:

    I completely agree with this stance. I hate that the government will be able to kick kids out of school (public and private) for missing or being delayed on even a single dose of a vaccine. Totally unreasonable. Will be voting yes on 1 to restore parental rights!

  2. Avatar
    Sara says:

    If the letter writer’s child needs a medical exemption she shouldn’t have any trouble getting one. The vaccine mandate protects children who can’t be vaccinated for medical reasons by ensuring they’re surrounded by immunized individuals. Low vaccination rates (like we currently have) put vulnerable individuals at greater risk of catching vaccine preventable diseases. Not just students but seniors and immune compromised adults.

    I plan to vote NO on this veto. No to pseudoscience. No to unvaccinated healthcare workers. No to measles. No to pertussis.

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    King Antivaxxer says:

    Janet Mills doesn’t vaccinate herself and she is often spotted walking around college campuses and grade schools. Why is she exempt from getting vaccinated?

    Dr. Laura Blaisdell from Yarmouth has caused numerous vaccine injuries and needs to be held accountable. She also doesn’t vaccinate herself, but she touches children all day long. Why is Blaisdell exempt from vaccines? Its because she knows that they are dangerous and she doesn’t want to inject herself with these toxic chemicals but she thinks it’s ok to inject YOUR children with them.
    Laura Blaisdell, Janet Mills, and Dora Mills are in cahoots with Big Pharma (Merck and Pfizer), and they all receive kickbacks for each and every vaccine that is sold. Don’t be fooled. These three people are selfish and are only trying to pass this law for selfish gain. Its all politics and its all about the money.

    We all know the dangers of force vaccinating. Keep our Maine children healthy and safe from Big Pharma.

    Vote YES on 1

    Your body, your choice!


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