Letters to the Editor: Thanks supporters

To the editor:

John Glow (image credit: ballotpedia)

I want to begin by thanking those who supported me in the recent Democratic primary for Maine Senate District #15. My biggest margin of victory was in China and I send a special thank you to my friends and supporters who voted for good government.

I believe it is important for the people in Senate District #15 to know that I ran for this Senate seat, not because I was recruited by the party. In fact, the Democratic Party did everything it could to keep me off the ballot in November. I ran for this Senate seat because Maine is desperately in need of qualified, capable individuals who know how government is supposed to work and how to fix it. I ran for this Senate seat, not for the Democratic Party or for the special interests, but for you.

The political system is rigged in favor of the parties and it must be reformed. Party politics is a huge problem in government. Too often it is an impediment to solving our problems as politicians put party before people. I ran on the pledge of not being a rubber stamp and at least 1,350 of you agreed with me.

I spoke with many folks who are fed up with “our” government. This is unfortunate, but I don’t blame them, because it is no longer our government. Those who have the least in terms of material possessions are often the first to give up and surrender their right to vote. I tried to remind those who have very little that they do have the power and that their only opportunity to exercise their power is their vote. I ran for office because I refuse to give in and give up and this election has only strengthened my resolve. As I went door to door during the campaign, and as someone who spent nearly thirty years in State government, I ended many conversations with the following, “Don’t give up. That’s what the government wants you to do.”

John M. Glowa, Sr.
South China


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