MAINE MEMORIES: The blue bike!

by Evangeline T.

Hello and welcome to Maine Memories, little snippets of life from our home state. This issue, I have a story for you. Hope you enjoy it!

In a small bicycle shop at the end of the mall, tucked away in a dark corner, was a very sad bike named Blue. He had white tires and a very comfortable seat and couldn’t understand why some parent hadn’t bought him for their child. After all, his design made him suitable for either a boy or a girl, so what was the problem?

Blue felt so lonely. Every day, he’d try to look his best, hoping the shop owner would put him in the big front display window…and each day, he’d be pushed aside, and some other bike placed in the window. Yesterday, it was the red bike. Today, the shiny silver one. I just don’t understand, he’d think. I’ve been here the longest. Why can’t I be in the window?

Over time, bikes came and went, but Blue remained. Then, one day, a small boy stopped outside the window and peered in at a large decorated green bike. His eyes grew wide with excitement, excitement that soon turned to sadness. Wiping a tear from his cheek, he turned and walked away.

Blue didn’t understand. The green bike was a thing of beauty and a great bargain, too. Why had the little boy looked so sad? A day later, the same little boy returned, and the shop owner noticed. ”Hello, young man,” he said, opening the door to greet him. “I’m having a sale, and any one of these fine bicycles would be a perfect fit for you. Why not bring your parents down and see what’s available?”

“I…but my parents…” Without another word, the little boy turned and ran off.

Blue saw all of this, not really understanding. The shopkeeper had been very polite and accommodating. Why such a reaction? Running away never helped solve anything, even Blue knew that.

As he always did on Thursday mornings, the shop owner arranged his window display for weekend traffic. He began moving bikes here and there. “Well, Blue,” he sighed, “You’re all I have left, so I guess it’s your turn. Our new shipment didn’t get here because of a bad storm, so I’ll have a used bike sale.

Used? Who’s used? Not me! Blue thought. Oh, it really doesn’t matter. I’m finally going to get my chance in the window.

The shop owner took a soft cloth and something cool and wet and wiped all the dust off Blue and put him in the window. Wow, what a view! Blue was so elated. Later that day, a man came into the shop. “Hi,” said the owner, “are you looking for a bike?”

“Actually, I am,” said the man, “but not for me. I’m looking for a gift for a little boy I know. You see, he doesn’t have much, his dad isn’t around, and though his mom works really hard, they just can’t afford any extras.”

“Unfortunately, I don’t have much to offer right now. My bike shipment didn’t arrive this week due to a bad storm,” the shop owner said. “Maybe if you came by in about a week…”

The man looked around and said, “how about the blue bike in the window? Is that for sale?”

“Why, yes, it is,” replied the owner. “I’ll take $50 for it.”

“Sold!” shouted the man. “I’ll even put it in my truck for you!”

At last, a wonderful, kindly gentleman bought Blue. After paying, he carefully took Blue from the window, making sure not to dent or scratch anything, and put him in the back of a shiny pick-up.

As they drove down the road, wind blew through Blue’s spokes. It felt nice to be out in the warm sunshine, with delightful breezes and the smell of flowers! Blue was delighted, too. This went beyond his wildest dreams!

Soon, the truck turned right into a driveway. Honk, honk! The front door flew open, and out ran a rambunctious, smiling boy. Blue recognized him instantly. It was nice to see his face in real life, without the glare of a shop window between them.

The kind man pulled Blue out onto the driveway. “Here’s a surprise gift for you,” he said. “May you two enjoy many fun adventures together!”

The little boy rode his new bicycle all afternoon. Blue was beyond happy. Every moment spent dreaming and wishing and praying had not been wasted. Now, he could race down hills and explore the world and never sit alone in a back room ever again.

His secret wishes were coming true in the best possible way!


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