ROTARY CLUB NEWS: Rotary Club seeks books for overseas literacy program

Gary Kennedyby Gary Kennedy

Once again we are looking for good books, especially for educational projects in the Third World. There are so many thirsty minds with educational needs in the world.

I have been doing schools and libraries for so long now that I am able to see results. An educated world is a more peaceful world. If we understand each other and speak the same language then we will understand and be more patient and tolerant with each other. I have several degrees and saved all my school books and finally said to myself, “What for?” I gave them a new home with my name and email address inside and have had several emails over time. Forbes, National Geographic and other professional magazines are always in great demand. Everything from Kinder to PhD is needed in Third World countries. Don’t sell them for pennies, nor for those valuable treasures wither and mold. Give them a new life. Perhaps you would put your name and email address in there and make a new friend.

I was asked to speak at an elementary graduation and gladly said, “Yes!” There were two other guest speakers; one was the mayor’s daughter of Tanza Cavite, Philippines, and another was a young man from public health. We all gave our words of encouragement to the children and at the end the speaker from public health wanted to have a word with me.

He said, “I graduated from nursing college even though my family was very poor.” He told me a coincidence went through his mind and was my name Kennedy? He said, “I went to the mayor for help with books and he gave me many books from the library stock room with the last name of Kennedy in them.” It turned out they were my nursing school books which I had donated. What are the chances of that happening? It was a nice day for me. Maybe you could have such a nice day.

Don’t sell your books for pennies or let them decay in the cellar. Give them so others can have the chances that you were given. A college graduate in a Third World country not only assures his or herself a good life but they are much into family and will always help others along the road to knowledge and peace as well. Education is what will bring us together. Of that I am sure. If you have good quality books of any kind we will give them a new home and they will be given for free. You can reach me at 207-458-2832. God bless.


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