Selectmen discuss improvements, tree trimming, bridge report

by Sandy Isaac

At the May 29 Windsor Selectmen’s meeting, members discussed road, bridge and tree maintenance, purchasing a new one-ton truck and installing a diesel tank for the Public Works Department.

The meeting began with Road Supervisor Keith Hall presenting the Public Works report. He said Windsor is currently out of salt but will have to wait for funds to become available before purchasing more. The wood chipper rental is coming in and the crew has plans to chip uprooted trees, trim back limbs and shape the height on a few trees, particularly on Schumann Road and Choate Road. Road sealing has been scheduled. Some drainage pipes need to be changed but Hall needs to wait for more funds before he calls Dig Safe and schedule the work. Money for salt and road work will become available when the new fiscal year begins July 1.

Last meeting, Selectmen Ray Bates brought up that Windsor needs to replace its one-ton truck. Due to rumors that Internationals and Dodges have body and transmission problems, selectmen are currently looking at Fords. Selectman Ronald Brann said one local dealer told him that Ford is not currently producing 2020 super duty models, reportedly because their contracted manufacturers gas tanks are unsatisfactory. The only dealerships that currently have any 2019 super-duties are out of state and won’t trade or sell to a local dealer.

Discussions continued about installing a diesel tank for the Public Works Department. Regulations seem to have changed so selectmen intend to contact Vassalboro to compare procedures.

Town Manager Theresa Haskell read the results from the recently completed bridge inspections. Schumann Road had some washout by the guard rail that needs to be fixed, but overall, no notable changes from the last inspection. Sampson Road bridge, Barton Stream bridge, and a few others all reported little or no change with only minor recommendations made in the report. The state maintained Choate Road and Maxcy’s Mills Road bridges were discussed as needing repair.

Transfer Station Supervisor Tim Coston was not available for the meeting. Hall gave the transfer station report and indicated some spots at the transfer station have become slippery due to the nature of the area. An anti-slip coating has been purchased but the area will need to be power washed prior to the application.

There was no report from the animal control officer or the cemetery sexton. However, Haskell mentioned that Windsor Neck Cemetery’s wood fencing is rotting, and should be replaced with a post and chain structure similar to the other cemeteries in town. Before the changes are made, the town will need to buy more poles and chains. The poison ivy in that area will have to be addressed before any employee does the repair.

Public comments came from Windsor Planning Board member Jerry Nault. Nault has been attending Somerville Planning Board meetings where they discussed their research of marijuana guidelines. He reported that Somerville prepared a survey and sent out 350 postcards inviting residents to complete it either electronically or on paper, approximately half replied electronically. The survey showed that residents overwhelmingly oppose marijuana social clubs.

Selectmen expect state legislators to address marijuana regulation before their summer recess. Assuming they do, Somerville selectmen will probably schedule public hearings and a town vote. Depending on the outcome of the vote, the planning board might need to amend the town’s zoning and land use ordinances.

Nault said the Somerville board did not plan to meet again until July when he will again be welcomed to attend. The Windsor Planning Board is waiting for more information before taking any action.

The next Windsor selectmen’s meeting is scheduled for June 11, at 6 p.m.


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