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Marilyn Rogers-Bull & Percyby Marilyn Rogers-Bull & Percy
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Good morning, my friends. Don’t worry, be happy.

Percy started out as a stray kitten and was rescued by a family on Route 43. They called and told me about this sweet little female kitten that needed a home and it was love at first sight. I named her Faith, but as luck would have it, on the first trip to the vet, I found out that a boys name was needed instead. After a short time this little kitten started his true personality and hence Perseverance, or Percy for short. Percy has many talents besides being a good cuddler, he is always at the door to welcome me home loves to sing, (Amazing Grace) is his favorite song). He has become famous and much loved for his good advice in the columns I have written. As you can see from his picture, he is very intelligent and he’s promoting this book of meditation-for-cat lovers.

Don’t know how many of you may have seen my grandson, Zander Walz in the commercial on TV promoting education and its importance, and I admit I’m really proud of him and perhaps a trifle biased. Anyway, he showed me this true story he wrote, and I thought it was so good that it should be shared.

Zander’s story:

Many moons ago in a time far away, I was studying in the library minding my own business when I saw it. It descended from the sky, a spider hanging from the sky, a spider hanging from its web so massive, so enormous, that it would put fear in the lives of most mortal men. But I am no ordinary mortal man. As I looked at the creature, and it looked into my eyes, it saw for the first time what fear was! In the battle that would take place, it was truly a battle of the titans. As I swiftly made my move, I came onto the spider delivering the first blow with a rolled up piece of paper that sent this foul creature flying in the other direction. As the spider went hurling through the air, it was strong enough to hold on to its web, and like an arrow launched from a bow, it came back at me at full speed with a vengeance. If it wasn’t for my cat-like reflexes and my ability to move like the wind it surely would’ve been a deathblow toward me. As I parried and deflected, I gave the spider a second blow. At this time it hurled the spider towards the floor, and to its favor, it was suddenly camouflaged in the carpet. I was now fighting an unseen foe. All too soon, it became apparent to both of us that the battle had become a game of wits. As I searched for the beast it was unknown to me that it stealthily was creeping on towards me with venomous intent.

Thanks to a witness who was observing the battle at a safe distance, she pointed out to me where the spider was. As I looked at the spider, it knew that the end of its life had come. But that did not stop it from trying to take me with him. I placed the paper over his body and delivered a decisive blow which would have killed any ordinary spider…… but as you can tell by now, this was no ordinary spider. The infuriated spider struggled and fought and, my friend, I must say it wasn’t until the third blow that the spider was finally done in.

The spider’s body broken and the legs still quivering it knew the end was coming. Looking at me I heard the last words coming from his last breath. “I will shrink in size so no one will know how massive I really was and no one will believe the battle that took place here in the library. And with that, the brave spider died. Honoring my opponent, I took his lifeless body and placed it in a garbage can right next to some very stale French fries. I can only imagine it is there to this very day.

(I really think that when I finally retire from writing, Zander would be a good one to take my place!)

There is an invitation to a very special event in our area. The bridge between Solon and Embden on Route 201-A will be renamed the Jotham and Emma Stevens Bridge, commemorating the service of Mr. and Mrs. Stevens in operating the last ferry service between the two towns. Please join us for this special event honoring the Stevens family. Please share with others who would like to attend. The date is July 23, at 2 p.m.


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