WINDSOR: Cemetery sexton seeks to upgrade computer software

by The Town Line staff

Cemetery Sexton Joyce Perry informed the Windsor Select Board, at their February 14 meeting, that she has been researching information regarding software for the cemeteries. The costs have ranged up to $6,000. There are several different companies and she recently talked with Julie Finley, from China, regarding a Crypt Keeper program which is what they use. To use this program, there is a one-time fee of $250 to download the program to a laptop. If the town wanted to pay $60 per month, they can access it from anywhere. Perry recommended if they were to do this, they could put it on a desktop computer. Perry gave a presentation of the Crypt Keeper through the town of China’s website. This software can give a lot of information, like where someone is buried, which lot number, which cemetery, photos of the stone and much more. The town of China has hired someone to do their cemeteries and it took them over three months working 40 hours a week.

Perry was asking the select board to approve the $250 program purchase for now, and add in $500 a year in her budget for 2023-24 and continue until the work is done. The board approved the purchase and added they will add the additional $500 a year in her budget until the work is completed.

In other business, Town Manager Theresa Haskell said the town of Windsor has been invited to participate in a one-day household hazardous waste collection which is being coordinated with KVCOG and the town of China, to be hosted by China on Saturday, April 15, from 8 a.m. – noon. The cost to Windsor is $500 and this would allow the town residents to dispose of hazardous chemicals, in a proper manner, that are commonly used around the house.

Resident Patricia Springer asked the town to reimburse the excise tax she paid on a vehicle she purchased in December that was later declared totaled in an accident. The board approved to credit Springer the $124.30 transfer rate.

Public Works Supervisor Keith Hall, and Public Works driver/laborer Timothy Coston brought up the compensation time and are asking the select board to warrant them to be able to comp over 40 hours of overtime, which will equal 60 hours of time off. The board approved the agreement with the conditions that need to be done.

A discussion followed about CDL drivers and a possible position added in next year’s budget. Hall said he needs someone with a CDL license. Springer indicated she conducts CDL classes and would provide information in helping to hire someone.

Resident Colleen Doucette asked what the status was with people in town living in campers. The board indicated the codes enforcement officer, Arthur Strout, is working on this matter and that it takes time. Allison Whynot said there are people living in campers on the Jones Road as well. Selectman Ronald Brann said it is a long process and the town is dealing with human beings, and that an attorney may become involved, which could be costly to the town.

Haskell said the cemetery perpetual certificate of deposit is coming up for renewal and suggested they take the money received for the sale of lots throughout the year, which is a total of $5,625, and add it to the CD. The move from the general ledger account to the CD was approved.

All votes were by unanimous (3-0) votes since selectmen Richard Gray Jr. and Andrew Ballantyne were absent.


At the February 28 meeting of the Windsor Select Board, resident David Shaw asked to discuss fines that were billed to him. Arthur Strout, Codes Enforcement Officer, said he was working on it. Shaw explained he was doing a favor for the occupants of the campers and it was his understanding it would only be for a short period. Shaw did what he could to get the occupants off his property, including getting the law involved. The fines have now reached $4,000. Shaw is asking the town to reduce or forgive the fines for the reasons he had given and the explanation. Strout recommended no less than $1,000 as the fine. The select board approved that $1,000 be paid within 30 days and the property to be cleaned up in the spring.

In other business, Town Manager Theresa Haskell wanted to be sure everyone on the board has received and looked over the new Delta Ambulance contract. She would feel comfortable having an attorney look it over to address some of the questions that have been brought up and suggested by the Windsor Volunteer Fire Department and select board members. The townspeople should be aware of what they will be getting into if they choose to go with Delata Ambulance service as opposed to not having an ambulance service. Selectman Richard Gray said he’d like to see it go to the town as a separate warrant article and for the voters to see if they want an ambulance service or not.

Selectmen Andrew Ballantyne and William Appel Jr. were absent from the meeting.


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