Americans for America rally set for April 14 in Augusta

Patriotic American citizens will rally on the Capitol on Saturday April 14, at 2 p.m. This is part of a nationwide effort by the NCCPA (National Constitutional Coalition of Patriotic Americans) to peacefully unite supporters of the Constitution and specifically the second amendment. Those attending the event also support a wide range of patriotic American values, some of which include our faith, our president, our law enforcement, our veterans and armed service members, common sense solutions to gun violence and government accountability.

Support of the Constitution and specifically the second amendment are generally a common ideal across these values and it is what has drawn in those indicating they are attending. Speakers will include Mark Holbrook, Mary Mayhew, Sheriff Scott Nichols, State Senator Garrett Murch and State Senator Eric Brakey.

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  1. Jeanne Marquis
    Jeanne Marquis says:

    What is the Nccpa? Did a little background research and couldn’t find anything about them prior to March of this year. Could this organization be a front for the NRA posing as a grassroots movement in a response to the success of the high schoolers from Florida? Perhaps the Townline should look into this?


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