I’M JUST CURIOUS: Sharing the fairies of Apple Tree Notch

by Debbie Walker

I have had some requests for an example of my fairy family of stories. This one I had some help with, my niece Haliegh, stepped up to the imagination challenge. She has an amazing mind. I hope you enjoy the little trip into your imagination with Haliegh and me.

Oscar the Eagle

by Debbie Walker & Haliegh

Apple Tree Notch is an ever growing, friendly community. As news travels about it being such a nice place to live, animal families are moving in.

One of the latest to move in is the animal family of Hooty Owls with their two owlets, Oscar and Charlene. No one has met them yet because they are night folks. They travel and hunt after dark. When the rest of Apple Tree Notch is just getting up in the morning, the Hooty Owls are settling in for their sleep. Everyone except …. Oscar.

Twig, Daisy and Fern, the fairy children have just been allowed outside after their breakfast. This morning Mom and Dad wanted them to do some tidying up of their area of Apple Tree Notch. There had been a storm that left things scattered about a bit.

As they were picking up they began to feel like they were being watched. They each decided to look around to see why they felt watched.

They found a little bird in a corner under the big boulder. They were excited to meet a new friend. The little bird was unsure of what he was seeing.

The little bird saw a twig, a flower and a fern but they were moving and talking to each other. Daisy spoke up first to introduce themselves as fairies and explain that Momma dressed them to fit into their area, looking like nature. This way they could blend into their surroundings for their safety.

As Daisy is explaining all this, Oscar’s big eyes are blinking, blinking as he looks from one to the other of the fairy children. The sun he is not used to is also causing some blinking. He finally speaks. He says, “my name is Oscar and I am an Eagle.”

An eagle, they know he is a bird because of his feathers and the only other bird they knew was the Momma blue bird that lived in Twig and Chippy’s cabin till her babies were ready to fly. So…an eagle is a great addition to their little community.

They continued to talk and get to know each other. The fairy children were having fun learning about Oscar’s family although they were a little confused. It seems Oscar was supposed to be sleeping like his family, but he so wanted to see and be a part of what this sunshine living was about. His family did all their activities at night and slept through the day.

This morning he stayed awake so he could see all this for himself but he had to admit that it was getting rather hard to stay awake. As his eyes closed he became the Eagle he knew he was in his sleep.

Fern, Daisy and Twig kept an eye on Oscar to make sure the sleeping Eagle wasn’t bothered.


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