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The first Thanksgiving – 400 years ago

by Gary Kennedy The Wampanoag Indian tribe and the first Plymouth Colonists, in the fall of the year 1620, shared a feast that we know as Thanksgiving today. The Wampanoag Indians are also known as the Wȭqanȭak. In the 17th century they were a loose grouping of several different tribes. (Pequot’s, Narragansett, Iroquois, Powhatan, Nipmue […]

VETERANS CORNER: Election, SSI and COLA time

by Gary Kennedy This is election time and also an SSI and Veteran COLA time. (Cost of Living Adjustment). The veterans historically receive the same as SSI recipients. This is usually what occurs in the fiscal year, October 1. As it stands now the percentage relied upon is using the Consumer Price Index and as […]