FICTION: The House, part 8: The Conclusion – part 2

This story is completely fictional. Any resemblances to names of people and/or places is purely coincidental.

by Peg Pellerin

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Another activity unfolded on the floor. Several clowns appeared performing antics to make the young and young at heart laugh. They were followed by jugglers passing what looked like bowling pins as well as swords and sticks on fire to each other. The four, or was it five, from the Stewart House, were enjoying themselves immensely. On stage others later came out doing acrobatics, performing tumbles and gymnastic routines. “I used to do those types of routines in the gym but we had mats on the floor,” remarked Miri.

When these performances were completed a huge cage was rolled out to the center of the ring. It contained a very large lion. The voice of the Ringmaster then announced, “Ladies and gentlemen. You may want to cover the eyes of your youngins for this next act. The keeper will now enter the cage of Sarabi, the largest lion in captivity.” Again, there was total silence.
Dave whispered to Amy, “Do you want me to cover your eyes? If not, could you cover mine?” She lovingly punched his arm.

The lion tamer, better known as a keeper, walked out into the ring. He was bare chested except for a red vest. He wore tight pants and tall boots. He carried a short whip. An assistant followed him to the cage, opened the cage door and quickly closed and latched it as the keeper entered the cage. The Ringmaster stated, “Watch as Gabriel attempts to allow Sarabi to lick his hand.”

As the keeper slowly brought his hand toward the lion’s mouth, Miri said, “I hope Sarabi doesn’t think that hand will be its snack,” as she partially covered her eyes.

The lion licked Gabriel’s hand in a very affectionate way. “Good boy, Sarabi,” said the keeper as he gave the lion what appeared to be a treat. The keeper then played around with the lion, pulling on its mane, rubbing its neck and then the enormous nose, all the while the audience watched, barely breathing. Then Gabriel did what would be considered an act asking for death. He opened Sarabi’s mouth, put his hand in his tremendous jaws, and pulled out the enormous cat’s tongue. He even wantonly whipped the poor cat, but it seemed as if the cat enjoyed the ‘play’ by his keeper. There were sounds of gasps of fear and astonishment of the performance then suddenly the unspeakable happened and the lion struck out with its ginormous paw and struck Gabriel’s chest, tearing the vest.

“Oh my God!” Called out Amy when she realized that she, as well as the others, were back in the bedroom. They found whatever they could to sit on and tried to catch their breath. “Did we just see Gabriel clawed to death?”

“I don’t know, but I bet Ian had enough of the circus at that point and ended the adventure,” replied Miri. I felt a small person standing near me during most of the circus acts and I think it was him. I don’t know about anyone else, but I’ve had enough of this for the day,” she said, looking at the time on her cell phone. “It’s about time we get some dinner going anyway. I’m heading downstairs to the kitchen.” All were in agreement and followed her down.

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