FICTION: The House, part 9: Ahoy, Matey – Continued

This story is completely fictional. Any resemblances to names of people and/or places is purely coincidental.

by Peg Pellerin

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Both vessels were built for speed and maneuverability. It appeared that the schooner was trying to head toward an estuary in order to hide, but the cutter was able to cut it off. Both vessels became close enough that the quartet could see blurred figures on the schooner as well as hearing loud voices. At one point it looked like the crew of the schooner was preparing to fire upon the cutter as well as the cutter readying to fire back.

“Oh, please don’t let this happen!” cried both Amy and Miri. Dave and Jake stood closer to the women having them stand closer to the bridge for protection in case something happened.

A boom was heard coming from the schooner and the water splashed close by. In turn the cutter fired their cannon, also missing the other vessel. A couple more volleys were sent from both vessels, both rounds getting closer and closer. A shot from the schooner grazed the side of the cutter as the cutter sent a shot to the schooner, hitting it broadside. Fire could be seen erupting onto the schooner.

“I don’t think I can take much more of this,” cried Miri who was crouched down and covering her ears from the loud noise of the cannons being fired. She no sooner said that then everything became a larger blur and suddenly everyone was back in the room of the house.

It took a few moments for the four to realize that they were back in their actual time and space. Miri was still crouching while leaning against the wall. Jake quickly lifted her into a standing position and was hugging her tightly. Dave and Amy were holding each other just as tightly. Tears were rolling down all their faces. “This was too real, Ian.” We didn’t like it at all.” Miri shouted out.

A very tiny voice was heard to say, “I’m sorry.”

As the four were slowly getting their land legs back, as well as their wits, Dave trying to quell the fear they had all experienced said, “Aaaargh!”

The three looked at him and yelled, “NOT FUNNY!” and Amy punched his arm.

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