FOR YOUR HEALTH: Smart Lighting Solutions to Combat Eye Strain from Screen Time

The ScreenBar Halo offers tech-driven eye comfort for computer users by supplying real-time auto-dimming light to soothe digital eye strain.

(NAPSI)—Research shows that remote workers spend over half of their day—13 hours on average—looking at screens. This much time spent looking at a computer can produce digital eye strain, also known as Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS).

How To Help Your Eyes

It’s estimated that digital eye strain affects 60 million people worldwide, and over 70 percent of computer users. Resulting symptoms include headaches, blurry vision, neck and eye pain, double vision, delay in shifting focus, and more.

Sound familiar? If you’re experiencing digital eye strain from spending countless hours in front of a screen, you will be glad to know, BenQ’s tech-driven smart lights can offer a solution.
Digital eye strain is often caused by differences in light – screen glare, light reflection, screen brightness and contrast are all contributing factors. Renowned for its pioneering lighting solutions – including the world’s first monitor light bar, the ScreenBar—the company boasts a full line of smart lights that help reduce digital eye strain. Designed based on extensive research by a team of optical professionals and backed by EU IEC/IR 62778 and IEC/EN 62471 dual certifications for blue light hazards, these smart lights bring tech-driven eye comfort to computer users everywhere.

Reimagine Laptop Lighting

For someone needing a portable solution to mitigate insufficient computer light, BenQ’s new LaptopBar ( is ideal. This compact light bar attaches to your laptop via a non-damaging magnetic patch, and through an innovative process involving 20 million beam simulations, creates a CIRCUM-Light™ 3D-surrounding illumination that brings together central brightness and ambient light to alleviate eye strain.

The light bar also offers:

• A personalized auto-dimming feature, which remembers your specific lighting preferences and intelligently adapts to changes in environmental light.
• A foldable arm offering height adjustability for your smart light, letting you choose between a limited or wide field of light.

Weighing less than an iPhone 15 Pro, the LaptopBar is easy to transport and intuitive to use. A built-in battery can maintain 100 minutes of operation at 100% brightness and 160 minutes at 50% brightness, so you can use it anywhere.

Tech-Driven Lighting Solutions

An innovator of eye-comforting light for your monitor, BenQ’s ScreenBar Halo ( securely clamps onto most monitor models to distribute light around your workspace. It features:

• BenQ’s first immersive back lighting mode, which lets you switch among three lighting modes to balance any contrasting light between your computer screen and its surroundings.
• An ASYM-Light™ asymmetrical optical design that prevents reflected glare on the screen and reduces digital eye strain; and a real-time auto-dimming feature with a built-in light sensor detects ambient lighting and supplements illumination of the desktop as needed.

The wireless controller lets you switch lighting modes from your desktop and customize the lighting for a range of environments.

Taking Control of Your Eye Care

You can take care of your eyes by supplying the light relief they need. Your screen time likely won’t be decreasing any time soon, but with smart lighting solutions like BenQ’s LaptopBar and ScreenBar Halo, you can decrease eye strain and promote eye comfort no matter how much time you spend in front of a screen.

Learn More

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