I’M JUST CURIOUS: A little more salt

by Debbie Walker

Hi everyone! I used a reference about using salt to gargle a sore throat and a white warm salt sock to ease an infected ear. I did find that one as interesting. I am really surprised no one told Mom about it when my brother and I had earache problems as children.

Anyway, there were also other uses for salt and the miracle cures. Deborah Tukin was the author of the article in Farmer’s Almanac 2020. I hope you enjoy reading this kind of information because I do enjoy passing it on. It’s become a bit of an interest to me how the old remedies and uses are coming back into the homes all these years after modern chemicals hit the shelves.

I seem to remember in my earlier years our home cabinets and shelves were not loaded down with all the products as might be today. I am happy to see things go back to the basic and ‘old’ ways. What are some of the old remedies of your families as household uses?

Okay, back to salt!

Heat Exhaustion: in hot weather heat exhaustion can be the result of salt depletion or dehydration. Stir one teaspoon of sea salt into a liter of water and sip. Needless to say, get to a cooler place, remove shoes, maybe lie down, and use an ice pack for face and neck.

Dehydration: For those hot sweaty times you need to replace electrolytes and increase energy, make your own sports drink (maybe not Gatorade). To 8-ounces of filtered water, add a teaspoon of raw honey, protein powder and a pinch of Himalayan Sea salt. Stir and drink.

Allergies, sinus infection or a cold:

Seashore: Yes, a seashore might be just what we need. It’s low in pollen, that makes it great for allergy sufferers. Salty air is also great for healing sinus infections. Swimming in ocean speeds the healing of minor cuts and pimples. I will add that I was told years ago that letting your dog paddle around a bit does a number on any fleas.

There are many uses for salt around the home. You will find plenty of uses on your computer or in books and magazines. It is still important to do a little of your own research.

Yesterday I was painting my shelf and wound up with paint on myself. I kept painting, it dried and did not want to come off later. BUT guess what I discovered. I remembered something I read about using coconut oil to get the paint off. IT WORKS! It really does. I guess I need to look up other uses for it.

Today I had my follow-up for my urinary surgery about three weeks ago. I had a visit with Christy, the representative of the maker of my little bladder miracle. She explained that once the work was done the next thing is to find the right program setting for me. It was just a little trial and error. I am happy to say we have found my happy place! If any of my story sounds familiar to you, don’t torture yourself anymore. It’s just not necessary. Good luck.

I am just curious what thoughts or ideas you are hiding, share with me. I have shared with you. And I can keep secrets! Please send any questions or comments my way at DebbieWalker@townline.org. Have a great week and thanks for reading!


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