I’m Just Curious: Catching up!

by Debbie Walker

Okay, so let’s play catch-up. Time has been flying by too fast. I am getting up to about 45 degrees in the mornings. I’m not happy about this. I’m really not ready to see all the leaves fall and the snow fly!!

So…. I have been volunteering for a first grade class. That pretty much means the kids are either late 5-year-olds all the way to new 7-year-olds. Fun ages! I just love them. They are so comical. One of the girls asked me the other day, “how come your skin under your arms wiggle?” Too funny. I told them it was because I’m getting old! They giggled and walked off, happy with their answer.

I couldn’t possibly be upset with their questions, they are just curious, too. I promise I’ll do better. I’ll try to remember to explain to them that it’s not nice to ask some questions, but I want to do it without destroying their curiosity.

Sometimes, in this time with them, I am reminded of my daughter or my grandkids at that age. I found a clump of curly hair on the floor beside this one desk. Gee, what do you suppose happened here? Well, she just didn’t know because it wasn’t her hair. Too funny. I remember when my daughter cut her hair, it was the first and last time I ever allowed the babysitter to bring a friend. They were in the bathroom doing their hair and Deana was in my bedroom cutting her hair and hiding it in a Sears catalog. Oh yeah, before the night was over I saw the damage. That morning she had school pictures, thank goodness it was after the pictures and not before. The beautician was able to come up with a short shag with what was left.

I will be glad when the testing is all done. I know schools have to develop a baseline to have something to compare the coming spring tests to. I just can’t say it is my favorite part. I so enjoy hearing their excitement when they are learning, especially when some subject gives them a new interest!

As I had written in my first column where we talked about volunteering I believe I told you that even if you can’t leave your home, teachers have to do preparation for some of their activities and they would appreciate someone cutting and gluing,  etc., anything that saves them precious time.

Well, so much for “catching up” time. I’ll find something new to share before next week. After all you know, I’m just curious. Thank you so much for reading, hope it gave you a chuckle and woke up a memory for you.

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