I’m Just Curious: Crazy September holidays

by Debbie Walker

Once again it is time to see what other holidays are in September, other than just Labor Day weekend. I hope something here makes you smile.

Sept 2, Labor Day: We celebrate “the working man/woman’s holiday.” It is also considered by most as the end of summer. (In Florida when I managed a swimming pool in a retirement community the patrons seemed to also swim at a northern schedule.)

2nd again: This is the day of the signing of Japan’s surrender that ended World War ll. Please honor all our veterans each day, not just on the military holidays.

9/5: Be Late For Something Day: To celebrate this holiday all you have to do is be late for anything except dinner!

9/6: Fight Procrastination Day: The theme for today is, “Never put off until tomorrow, what you can do today!” (You must have known you would pay for the Be Late Day!)

9/11: Make Your Bed Day: If you make your bed every day, today you would not make it. For those who don’t make their bed every day, today is your day to make the bed. You might even change up the sheets.

9/13: Blame Someone Else Day: Today you don’t have to take the blame for anything. One caution here, remember, others will also be passing off blame. Well, another caution: Any blame you place today, can come back to bite you tomorrow!

9/15: Make a Hat Day: The rule is simple. Just make a hat. If you make it for yourself, half the fun is making, the other half is wearing it. Or you could make a hat for someone else. Either way, please do have fun!

9/15: Wife Appreciation Day: This day was originally to honor wives with no children; however, all husbands might do well to honor their wives today. You might get a more positive wife when you acknowledge her on this day, everyday.

9/18: National Cheese Burger Day: I am sure you know people who will be celebrating this unusual holiday. No one seems to know how it was created. But no one seems to care either.

9/20: National Punch Day: According to holidayinsights.com, this holiday is one of the unheard-of holidays. Seems that it could be one of three versions of punch. There is the Punch you drink, the Punch from your fist or the tool kind of Punch; your choice which one you want to celebrate. I’d be careful about the first one, it could have lasting effects.

9/23: Autumn Equinox Day: It’s the beginning of fall, folks. Enjoy while you can. Enjoy the fall festivals around you. If you get a chance take a hayride.

9/27: Native American Day: You are encouraged on this day (every day) to spend this day learning about our Native Americans, the true original settlers in America. Have you ever been to a pow wow? It’s amazing what you can learn by ‘listening.’

9/28: Ask a Stupid Question Day: My day! Truthfully the only stupid question is the one you don’t ask. That’s how you learn. Keep in mind, some folks just won’t know the answers.

I am just curious which new holiday or holidays you will choose. Let me know. I’ll be waiting at dwdaffy@yahoo.com for any questions or comments.


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