I’M JUST CURIOUS: Does anyone else notice?

by Debbie Walker

Does anyone else notice that we are on one heck of a ride? No, it can’t be an amusement ride because the governor of Maine has shut down any of those for the foreseeable future. Right now, it can’t be blamed on icy roads either. However, I feel as though I am in a runaway cart careening down a huge steep hill. No one seems to be in charge of the ride.

If someone is in charge, they certainly haven’t done anything to stop it, even slow it down. It has picked up speed since they(?) took prayers out of the schools. I don’t remember the whole story behind this, but it does seem like someone demanded and they got their way, sounds like spoiled children to me. Where is the common sense? Even as a child in school back then we didn’t understand the fuss. If you had reason to not join the prayer, then you just didn’t participate.

It’s just getting disgusting, there are so many people who seem to be whining about this not being right or that being racist. It’s all amazing to me. It sounds like little kids and someone is being the bully. “If I whine enough I know I will get what I want.” Now that is not a skill that requires much training. Remember infants, they learn when they are days old, I cry and they pick me up (change me, feed me, rock me, etc). You would think by the time we become an adult we could find another way of communicating. I guess not.

There are all different kinds of judgment in this world. Racism is just one of them. What tribe, clan, group, or nationality that doesn’t have some kind of story to tell. Taking down statues, changing names of logos, changing names of businesses is not going to change the history itself.

Native Americans lost more than can be described, to the new folks who moved into their country. I wasn’t born yet and I don’t feel responsible for that abuse (robbery), do you?

Other nationalities were used as slaves over the years, but I guess I must have missed their riots, I don’t remember. Native Americans fought their battles years ago.

I know I have a habit of simplifying things. To me there is something I am not sure has been tried. Try saying no for a change and stick to it. “No, you can not tear down that statue that has stood there for X-number of years. Move on, now, go find something else to occupy your mind. Have you made your bed today?” Simplified as you would with a willful child.

I am not politically minded. I am afraid I don’t trust any of the “rulers” of our world to be honest. Words are twisted, taken out of context. Some statements are just lies. Surveys designed to show the results you want. The list goes on and on.

How does this get fixed? Where is the strength this country is known by? There is no working together unless you are doing it my way, that is not working together folks. You were originally trusted to come together and make solid decisions. Did you forget? I guess maybe we need to come up with a strong reminder.

I’m just curious about a lot of things, even curious about the craziness of our country right now. For questions or comments please contact me at DebbieWalker@townline.org and remember these are my thoughts and have nothing to do with the opinions of The Town Line newspaper.


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