I’m Just Curious: Fragile delivery (???)

by Debbie Walker

This past week the mail lady brought a box to our door. It was marked as “fragile.” Ken was a little curious about what I had bought now. As I have said before I have a lot of interests and I honestly did not know what I had ordered that was fragile (?). I couldn’t think of a thing.

You, of course, realize by now that I am always looking for “odd” information. If I can find it already put together in one place, like a book, Yehaw, I am a happy camper!

One book is titled The Natural Superiority of THE LEFT HANDER. What fun to find out how talented I should be. It was dedicated to the citizens of Left Hand, West Virginia, population 450 and every one a Left-Hander! I did find out it is believed one person in ten is left handed. Did you know there is a belief that some plants are left handed? Honeysuckle is one of the few climbing plants that twine to the left (?). Lobsters have some left handers (?). That book was a quick read and was pretty funny.

Then I pulled out What Did We Use Before TOILET PAPER? 195 curious Questions & Intriguing Answers. Such as “Why do people have tonsils?” I was surprised that they are part of the lymphatic system and acts as part of the immune system. Well, who would have thunk that one!! And I have 194 yet to read! You know I’ll be passing on some tidbits.

Another book, Why Do We Say It? The stories behind the words, expressions and clichés we use”. And you know that I have found some of this type of info on the internet. This book comes equipped with quizzes! Can’t wait to get into this one!

You’re going to get a kick out of this next one! Can Holding In A Fart Kill You? And over 150 Curious Questions & Intriguing Answers. I have read enough to know that, Nope, holding it in won’t kill you!

(Just in case you are curious!)

And the final book is, I’m Dead. Now What? That’s just a boring book organizing our messy lives for those we leave behind. Actually that could be a comical read depending on your life and activities. If I ever get it filled out my daughter may find it helpful. Time will tell (wonder where that saying came in.)

The only thing I can think of that was “fragile” about the box of books is possibly the shippers felt as though the person receiving them may be mentally fragile! The jury is still out on that one!

OK, as for what we used before toilet paper, oh my goodness. People from different places in the world used different materials. People used everything from balled up hay or grass, to rocks (?) to even sea shells (?) to lace! And I guess about everyone knows about the old Sears catalog that came with a hole through it to hang it by in the outhouse!

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