I’m Just Curious: I think it’s interesting

by Debbie Walker

I think it’s interesting but do you? I have been into the magazines again; I once again, started just cutting articles out with no thought of what magazines the ideas came from. So I apologize to those writers for not being able to give them credit they are due.

Since I have no depth perception at all, as my brother told me, I was pleased to come across these: a quarter is nearly an inch in diameter and one foot is 16 pennies laid in a row. A dollar is approximately 6-1/2 inches. While we are still playing with money did you know a penny, nickel or a dime can be used as a flathead screw driver? Did you ever think of using a coin or two to steady a wobbly table? You can also use a penny inserted into a tire tread with Lincoln’s head upside down, if you can see his whole head your tires are worn out!

Don’t throw out that empty cardboard egg carton just yet. I read you can rest your laptop on it to prevent overheating. You don’t want to leave them on a pillow or blankets, seems harmless but….

Garden starter; use those disposed egg shells and cartons with a little soil to get a head start on the garden.

Although I wouldn’t recommend trying this one I had to see if you reacted as I did to the advice. I question the intelligence of this:

How to tell how hot your grill is without a thermometer: The writer claimed this tip is chef-tested (?) and trusted method. Hold your hand palm side down over the grill, about four inches from the grate. “Count the seconds you can stand (?) to keep your hand there. 2 seconds = high heat, 3-4 seconds medium heat, etc.” I have one comment “How Stupid!”

According to an Almanac Throwback of 1894, dandelions, young milkweed (?), mustard (?), horseradish (?) tops, young beet tops, cowslips (?) and turnip tops are good for greens. The ones I question marked I have questions about, imagine that! Do all of the questioned ones grow wild? And I think fiddleheads should be in this list. I love greens!!

I cruised the 2018 Farmer’s Almanac and decided to share the 11 symbols that make people think of America. They are: American Bald Eagle, Apple pie, American Bison, The Flag, Fourth of July Parade, White Picket Fences, Norman Rockwell Illustrations, Thanksgiving, Uncle Sam, Statue of Liberty, and Little red wagons!

I didn’t know how talented chickens are in gardening. It seems in the spring they are the aerators and tillers. In the summer their specialty is pest and weed control. Fall finds the chickens busy with the clean-up and fertilization. Winter is for composting, maintenance and spring prep. (even in Maine?) Who knew those little critters kept so busy and how important they are. I just thought of them in terms of my Sunday morning breakfast supplies!

Okay, I am just curious if this column gave you info you didn’t know. Contact me at dwdaffy@yahoo.com with your questions or comments. And don’t forget we are also online.

Thanks for reading!


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