I’M JUST CURIOUS: June’s wacky holidays

by Debbie Walker

We will soon be heading into June and I don’t want you to go into the month without being prepared for your fun holidays. Maybe you can work some of these holidays into your vacation time. Let me know what was the most fun for you!

June 1, Dare Day – or a challenge day. Don’t just pass out dares, take one or two yourself. Show your sense of adventure.

June 2, National Bubba Day – If it is not your nickname you can adopt it for yourself for the day. You determine what “Bubba” would do today.

June 4, Old Maid Day – The suggestion on the ‘net’ was for ladies to get out and get noticed, to help you find your prince charming. I like to think that is the day to get out and celebrate ‘you’. Can’t say that I buy into the ‘Prince Charming’ and ‘Old Maid’ days. What is your thought?

June 6, D-Day – World War II D-Day Invasion – It is the largest amphibious assault in world history. Take a moment of silence and thank our soldiers, past and present.

June 8, Best Friend Day – Take this time to reach out to a best friend you may have lost touch with over our busier years. You never know what this might do for them or for you. Just try.

June 9, Donald Duck Day – Donald Duck has a middle name. Did you know? It is Donald Fauntleroy Duck. June 9 was his first performance on June 9, 1934. Do your grandchildren know Donald?

June 10, National Ballpoint Day – The Ballpoint pen was introduced on this day in 1943. The first ones sold for $12.50. They say the invention ranks right up there with canned beer.

June 13, National Weed Your Garden Day – A weed is any plant not wanted in your garden. I have found around the yard there are ‘weeds’ that just look like another flower to me and I keep them.

June 14, Monkey Around Day – Go out and have some untamed fun (something might cause someone to tell you to act your age). You will relax and have some great memories!

June 16, Father’s Day – Remember on this holiday to honor those who are a “Father figure” to you, and that may include some Moms. Think of the Dad’s who have passed and appreciate them while you have them. They are not a forever given.

June 18, International Panic Day – OK, well maybe get the panic out of your system and then calmly carry on for the rest of the year. I have no idea why this one was created.

June 19, World Sauntering Day – Sauntering is a form of strolling, no hurrying. Walk along slowly, happily and aimlessly. Enjoy your stroll.

June 21, Summer Solstice – Finally Summer Day – Longest day of the year. Grab your favorite beverage and enjoy the season because we always feel it is too short a season. (It has been in the 90’s here all week)

June 26, Forgiveness Day – A time to forgive and be forgiven. It may be tied into the Best Friend Day for some. The world will be a better place if we all celebrate this day.

Once again I have run out of allowed words but I am sure you can come up with some ‘holidays’ of your own invention. How about you pass them on to me, maybe come up with some future holidays and share with me??

I’m just curious what you will invent. Please share. Contact me with questions or comments at dwdaffy@yahoo.com. I’ll be waiting. Happy and Safe Holidays for you all! Thanks for reading!


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