I’M JUST CURIOUS: Just have fun!

by Debbie Walker

Just for fun seemed like a nice change for a New Year, I hope you agree. This is going to be multiple choice commercial jingle trivia test: (underline or circle)

“Double your ________, double your fun!”
Leisure – pleasure – treasure

“Juicy Fruit is gonna move ya! It’s got a taste that _______ right through ya!”
Gets – moves – hits

“Kiss a little longer, stay close a little longer,________ a little longer, longer with Big Red!”
hold hands – make out – hold tight

“If I were an ________, everyone would be in love with me!”
Oscar Mayer hot dog – Oscar Meyer Wiener – Oscar Meyer Sausage

“The best part of _______is Folgers in you cup.”
Waking up – getting up – perking up

“I’d like to buy the world a Coke and keep it ________.”
Nice & clean – company – in harmony

“Be a _______, drink Dr Pepper.”
little better – winner – Pepper

“Plop, plop, fizz, fizz, oh what a ______”
Help it is – joy it is – relief it is

“Two all beef patties, special sauce, ________, cheese, ________onions on a sesame seed bun.”
Lettuce, pickles – lettuce, tomato – pickles, lettuce

“Have it your way, have it your way at ________.”
Taco Bell – Burger King – Wendy’s

“Ace is the place with the ________.”
Helpful hardware man – handy hardware man – helping hardware man

“See the U.S.A. in your _______.”
Buick – Ford – Chevrolet

“Put a tiger in your tank.”
Frosted flakes – ESSO – Little Debbie Snack Cakes

“Silly rabbit, ________ are for kids.”
Oreo’s – Cheerios – Trix

“I don’t want to grow up, I’m a ____ ___ _____ kid.”
Sears – Walmart – Toy’s R Us

“American Express: Don’t leave _______ without it.”
Home – New York – Work

The answers will be as follows. See how you do:

“Double your”- pleasure

“Juicy Fruit”- gets

“Kiss a little”- hold tight

“Big Red”- hold tight

“Oscar Mayer” – Wiener

“Folger’s” – waking up

“Coke”- company

“Dr Pepper”- pepper

“Alka seltzer”- relief it is

Two all beef – lettuce – pickles

“Your way” – Burger King

ACE – helpful

U.S.A. – Chevrolet

Tiger – ESSO

Rabbit – Trix

“grow up”__ Toy’s R Us

“American Express’ – home

As usual I AM JUST CURIOUS how you did with our little test. Contact me with questions or comments at dwdaffy@yahoo.com. Thank you for reading!!


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