I’M JUST CURIOUS: Lifetime of our products

by Debbie Walker

There have been times when I have wondered just how long some products last. The article I read may not have had some of the products I was interested in, but they may interest you. The information was from an HGTV Magazine, written by Colleen Sullivan.

The article starts out with Aloe Vera gel. Once the bottle is opened it is good for about 12 months. The best place to keep it is in the refrigerator. It’s protected from sunlight and feels good when you put it on your skin.

Plant Bulbs can live for 10-15 years. Some bulbs need to be fertilized in the fall and others need to be dug up and stored before the first freeze.

Cast iron pans can last for generations if you do gentle cleaning. It should be done with warm water and a non-scratch nylon scrubber. Do not leave in water for extended time.

Deli-meat is good for up to five days. If the meat doesn’t come home in a zip lock bag, as soon as you get home it needs to be done. It’s best if stored in your refrigerator’s deli-meat drawer. Temperature stays steady longer.

Gum: I’ve never thought much about it but the article said 14-18 months. I don’t think I’ve ever kept any that long. It says the sweeteners lose their flavor and it’s hard to chew. So if it’s been in the bottom of your pocket book for two years, don’t chew it!!

Water heater: Why do people refer to it as a “hot” water heater? It’s a heater, certainly not to make it cold. Oh well, anyway, the article says the tank one can run up to 12 years and the tankless can last 15 years. They should be checked each year when you are doing the annual heating system check-up. Maintenance is key to how many years get.

A funny one to me is the store-bought Popsicles are good up to 18 months because they do have preservatives. Home made is only about three weeks.

Have you wondered about your gallon jugs of water? They can last indefinitely. Store in a cool area not near chemicals like paint thinner.

An open bottle of wine (red) is good for three to five days. The white wines are good after opening for four to five days. See, so you really should finish your wine so as not to be wasteful.

Petroleum Jelly is good for up eight years. If you have put your fingers into it while you have a cold or virus you really should throw it out.

Vitamins are good for up three years. They should be kept out of the light, not on counters, etc. Light can weaken their potency.

X-acto knives. Now that is a subject I have(n’t) wondered about. I just figured when the blade gets dull it’s time to trash them.

I am just curious if you know any other miracle numbers you might share. Contact me with any questions or comments at DebbieWalker@townline.org

P.S. This weekend is my first great-grandchild’s first birthday. Addison Grace won’t understand much of anything going on this weekend other than she is just having fun. But the rest of us will just be glad the numbers of Covid are down enough that we can celebrate her birthday and to celebrate being able to party at all.

Thanks for reading and have a great week.


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